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Hi ,

I am developing a website for Beaches I site main theme is that this site will give you the information about the beaches around the world. I need your help regarding how i can arragne the information on this website. So that user feel comfortable while browing the website.

Can you suggest me what will be the menu and sub menu should i keep.



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  • 1 decade ago
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    The arrangement of your information is very well organized and user friendly. I like the way you have everything categorized in lists (that's what makes it so user friendly). The viewer can find things at a glance. That is what you want. People won't use a site that is hard to navigate.

    Keep the menus you already have. Keep the site easily navigated so the viewer can get back or to where ever they are going.

    Looks like you need to take care of some technical stuff yet. It's strange, could be my browser, but i get little X's for the pictures, but the pictures pop up when I roll my mouse over the frames. Are the pictures supposed to change when I roll over them again?

    The More link on "Things To Do" and "Top Ten Beaches" at this time is non-functional, but you knew that. When I click on Beaches Information 'Home" in the top black bar needs to be larger and the color after it has been activated needs to be different because it disappears after its been used and I can't see it.

    I'd better stop with the criticisms, But you can tell I was definitely into cruising the site. LOL! Yeah, it's got my attention! You go! It's all good.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think that looks pretty nice how it is... maybe make the buttons stand out a bit more, add a bit of color to catch peoples eye as the browse the net! My two cents :)

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