Students who are noisy and disobedent should be group togather or tought sepreatly?

Prove your answer with solid statments.

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    Mostly this decision is based on financial realities. There aren't enough teachers to give individual care to problem students. Public schools become a "survival of the fittest" scenario very quickly.

    Also, some kids do better in groups, some do better alone. It's hard to say without getting into specifics.

    Structure and strong discipline for noisy and disobedient students is probably most effective in groups, however, since the group can learn what behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable through example.

    It could be tough on individual kids, though.

    Not an easy question.

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    Is the teacher not able to control the class? Are the students special needs students?? If so, the teacher needs a classroom aide. If this is not possible, the students need to be divided, separated, grouped, or moved to another classroom so that they do not disrupt everyone in the room. Sometimes there is a classroom management issue (it is so much more convenient to blame the teacher than to actually do something about the problem), but other times the mix of students with severe behavioral and learning disabilities in the room is the problem. The question to ask is this, although these days it's politically incorrect: Why should one group of students who don't want to learn and / or who cannot learn have the right to be mainstreamed when all it does the majority of the time is disrupt the students who do want to learn and / or can learn?? I have been a substitute teacher for a long time, and have been in many classes where a severely disabled student , who was never going to be able to make a significant contribution to society caused one distraction and disruption after another all day, every day. Although he / she never made any (or very, very little) noticeable or measurable academic and social progress, the other 25+ students in the classroom were continually negatively impacted on a daily basis. The amount of money, time and resources provided for the disabled student was phomomenal, while materials and classroom assistants for the other students were lacking or unavailable. From my viewpoint, this seems completely illogical and unfair. If I were the mother of a special needs child, I would be realistic about the limitations of my child, and would not be so selfish as to insist that my child and his / her problems cause an impact and impose on an already overworked, underpaid, stress-out teacher and a classroom full of students.

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    Students who are noisy and dispbedient are the student who feel the least confident, academically. They should be grouped like:


    1. Good student

    2.Good student

    3.behavior problem

    4. Good student

    Each student in the group should have a role to play for the group that is of equal importance (note-taker, timer, person in charge of supplies, etc.) make sure that the behavior problem kid gets a job that makes him look good to the other students and that makes him feel important. The key to these kids is making them feel equal to the rest of the group/ class. If you can do this, you eliminate the root of the poor behavior.

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    student are taught by example if they are all together they are harder to teach separate them and put them with obedient students they learn, to get anywhere they have to mind but you have to persistent no leeway's. They need to learn and usually its the hard way. But a good way.

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    The answer to your question is that it's easier to teach a student when they are taught separately.

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    1 decade ago

    yes so that the students who want to learn can learn in peace. and the students that want to play around can have fun. dont torture both sides

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    I know we're all on summer vacation, but let's practice spelling...






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    no need

    it will be much more noisy

    if they r mixed they will learn from others

  • ML
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    they should have their butt beat till they learn to behave

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