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How do I know if my Chiropractor is good?

My chiropractor says that I have some rotation in my spine. He is treating with some manipulation with an instrument (not his hands). Is this technique effective? How can I evaluate him and know that what he is doing will fix my problem? I am not even sure if this is a serious problem or not, but plan on taking my xrays to the doctor. Thanks for your help

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    It sounds like your chiropractor uses a technique called Activator. Activator uses the instrument to adjust, instead of hands, but it is still an adjustment that aims to remove neural interference caused by spinal misalignment (aka subluxation). The reliability or success of your treatment lies not in the technique, but in the chiropractor himself. A good chiropractor competent in his technique should be able to help you. However, people react differently to different things, so what works for one person might not work for another.

    Your best bet to determine if your doctor is right for you is to talk to his other patients! Patients will be honest about both the good and the bad. Hopefully you can strike up a conversation with another patient while waiting for your appointment. Don't automatically assume that your chiro is "bad" if you don't see immediate relief, because a subluxation that has been around for years has trained the muscles, ligaments, and bones to stick in that bad position. Wait 3 or 4 weeks (6-12 visits), and if you don't see ANY improvements, you could always try another chiro.

    Source(s): Currently a chiro student. here's a link about Activator: http://www.activator.com/actMethods.asp
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    The more important question to be addressed is your first sentence. By what method is your doctor using to determine that you have a rotated spine? How bad is it rotated? If you have been shown one or two isolated spines are rotated, it is nothing to worry about. There is a high degree of variation in bone growth in that area of the spine. It's like having slightly misaligned teeth, nothing much to worry about. However, if your entire spine is rotated, then you may have concerns. If you're an adolescent, then you may have concerns about scoliosis. With regards to treatment, chiropractic care is not likely to "realign" the spine, but it may help prevent problems in the long term due to right/left imbalance of structures attached to the spine. Finally, if you are not feeling any problems, then you probably don't need any treatment, unless your entire spine is rotated.

    Source(s): You can find regular updated chiropractic info on this blog. http://chiroconfessions.blogspot.com/
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    I am not an expert on the subject, but I would imagine that the treatment by a chiropractor should, if it's any good, bear fruit pretty quickly. So, if you keep being treated over and over to no avail, then it may be time to change your chiropractor?

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    Regular chiros could not help till I found one of these. Harder to learn than reg chiro.


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