Hi, Hindus and Buddhists! How many lives have you gone through so far?

Do you remember them all? If you don't, then how do you know you had previous lives? Through dejavu may be?

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    Dude. Four.. and the LAST ONE.. omg... I was a roll of toilet paper.. and you all think YOU have the worst jobs ever....

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    This is my life and if I had another life, then I had another life. But this the life I'm in now and I'll think about this life, live this life, love this life and I don't think I'll waste my time saying, "So what if I skrew up, I have another life after this."

    This is my life as longtailedmonkey and I want to live it to the fullest, if there is reincarnation, then I'll have another life, but as a different person. I have this life to live and I only remember this life, I don't remember any other life. Reincarnation is not a theatre house, where an actor plays a role and then takes on another, but still remembers the previous roles. Reincarnation is a different thing. You don't remember your previous lives as another person, because you are this person you are now.

    If I have been reincranated, I don't remember, because I am me now and I was born into this life, this world, this family as me, not as someone else.

    If you don't remember anything, then we hindus and buddhists don't too, because religion doesn't make humans different, it guides a person to live a life with culture. Without culture, life would just be too empty to live.

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    Im not hindu or buddist but i do believe in reincarnation. I just know things, "like cooking some times i just go in the kitchen and make say an apple pie for the first time without a recipe and it turns out great." how did i know how to make the apple pie in the first place. Try to read Some books by Sylvia Browne. I was skeptical but the way she explains things just makes sense.

    Source(s): www.sylvia.org watch her Wed. morning on the Montel Williams show. 10am
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    surprising question. and that i totally consider you about Buddhism. You do kill the Buddha that you meet on the line yet even as the real Buddha is met how are you going to kill some thing that replaced into not born? the way love is considered with the help of maximum is an emotion notwithstanding the affection we are conversing about is the mummy of all issues. that's the enlightenment of Buddha. Buddha sits in stillness, a mild flashes out of between Buddhas brows enlightening Buddha this enlightening can and is sometimes called love. not a lot in Buddhism yet in different religions. Christ is the mild of guy {and female} that God gave to the international, if someone does not know this mild {that's in them} Christ is useless yet in the experience that they arrive to carry close this mild as themselves, then Christ is alive. i imagine it says some thing like "and God so loved the international that he gave his in common words begotten son". This son is an same as Buddhas mild. i'm extra of a Buddhist than a Christian i wager and Zen Buddhist at that. wish I cleared up a touch. This idea of love because of that's know-how as an emotion is amazingly troublesome to describe to maximum people and the interest enlightenment is so a lot extra common for me besides. Have some tea? To drink this tea one ought to empty there cup of each thing else first, then it really is finished of what's, enlightenment or love, often times words prevent. *sip* EDIT: thanks Jon, large cuo of tea, *sip*

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  • 1 decade ago

    So little knowledge about Buddhism and Himduism but trying to act like he knows a lot .. Poor guy ( asker )

    He only shows his ignorant in other religions through indulging only in his own religion which if i was not wrong , was christianity .

    A person who did not open up his mind to study other things and blindly accept things which was preached to him , is Stupid ..

    My advice , study more about Buddhism and Hinduism before asking such question .. : -)

  • 1 decade ago

    Hi Christian! Have you ever met God? If you haven't, how do you know he exists? How do you know he cares one jot about you? Through blind faith maybe?

  • Stuie
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    1 decade ago

    brother anthony, that sounds kind of sarcastic.

    it isn't the number of lives, it's karma.

  • 1 decade ago

    none, this is my first and last. after that ill be an angel.

  • 1 decade ago

    Blind faith is OK as long as you are not a Christian.

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