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How do you know if you marry the right person?

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    when you wake up in the morning after being married for awhile to see him next to you and feel like you're still the luckiest person alive to wake up at such sight.

  • Pichi
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    Hopefully you figure that out BEFORE the wedding ....

    Do you have a lot in common?

    Do things together and enjoy it?

    Compromise easily when neccessary?

    Have similar short term and long term goals?

    Laugh together ... a lot?

    Appreciate and respect each other?

    Get along most of the time?

    If the answer to all of these is yes, its a good chance you have a good match. If not, then you really need to look closely at the relationship and make sure it's what you want.

    And if you are already married, then, you do all you can to improve the relationship.

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    It's easy to try and convince ourselves that we are happy even if we are not.If you can honestly

    in your own quiet time, think about the person you married and feel an unconditional love and CONTENTMENT in you heart of hearts for them then I would say that you made the right choice.Only YOU know if you are truly happy, no matter what face you show to the world.

    Also marriage is work especially in the first few years.It can be rough.You have basically got to grow together and learn about each others ups and downs.You have to learn to tolerate each others annoyances and compliment each others good qualities.Sometimes its easy to want somone else to "love us inspite of our flaws"

    It's loving the other person inspite of his/her flaws that can be the difficult part.Thus, that is human nature, no one is perfect.As long as you are equal partners in the marriage both working hard not just for ones self but for each others happiness then you should experiance a mutual happy marriage. Hope this helped.

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    If both of you miss each other or when a spark comes in ur eye and a spontaneous smile in ur mind when u think of that person then u marry the right person. and ofcourse when he says i love u every day to u.

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    Nobody will know are they marrying the right person.

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    1 decade ago

    well when he asks you to get a beer it's not like "mary get me a damn beer! i watching tv"

    when you look at him your heart jumps

    when he touches you with love he doesnt always jump to "okay i'm gonna get to bed wanna join me"

    he hugs you while doing your the dishes

    he forgets things and asks"honey were are my sock?" but for some reason you love him for it

    you have great make up sex for the tinest reasons

    he wakes up i the morning sometimes and kisses you on the forhead or sometimes says "goodmorning sweetheart"

    when ever your eating he just keeps looking at you across the table wanting you in bed with him so that he knows he's not


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    A good indicator is if you look forward to coming home and being with your spouse. If you dread coming home or don't care either way...wrong person.

    Also, you can handle all your honey's negative habits. And the sex is good. And when you think of the future, your husband/wife is there with you and not holding you back from your dreams.

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    1 decade ago

    you first have to find out if that person is eighter a root or a branch on a tree. Make sure you get the one that is a root because roots are like a lexus and a branch is like a daewoo die or go dead on you soon lol.

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    If the person is loyal, and takes good care of you, and dosent try to change you, and likes you for who you are then thats the right one.

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    You have to ask God if it's the right person

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