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I'm looking for BBQ restaurants in singapore.. can someone list some nice and cheap (reasonable) restaurants?


on not really.. BBQ might not be very popular in singapore.. but sartay definitely is.. but right now, i want to eat BBQ no matter it is popular or not

Update 2:

i dont mean to be rude..

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    The Marina South area is populated by several BBQ restaurants that provide buffet style BBQ.

    Another option is Seoul Garden where students tend to frequent for low prices (with a lot of meat)

    At a higher end, Kubai Khan at Parkmall offers BBQ but its not DIY.

    Lastly, Korean restaurants offer BBQ too. There's one top level of Suntec City call Shillawon (if remembered right).

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    Uhm, you might want to abandon that search. My instinct is telling me that BBQ is not a very popular dish in Singapore, or Asia in general.

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    Company Details

    Garden Barbeque & Seafood

    269 Beach Road Singapore 199546

    Tel : 62944819

    I looked everywhere and that is all I could find

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    there's a brazillian bbq restaurant in Bukit Timah...veri veri nice....

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