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Electoral College Question--?

Do you think that the Electoral College is a reason why some people do not vote, because they feel as if their vote won't mean anything?

Take this for example: You are a democrat residing in a "Red" State such as Utah. If you vote for a democrat candidate, your vote, most likely, will not count. So, would you still vote?


Well, I think that the Electoral College should be done away with because people's votes don't count! And if they did, well, we'd have a different president right now. I favor the popular vote as a method of selecting president.

Update 2:

Umm, GORE won the popular vote in 2000, not Bush. All that Bush won was the favor of daddy's friends on the Supreme Court.

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    The electoral collage is way outdated and simply a way for the powerful to stay in power. It was origionally because news didn't travel very fast way back when and it was because peole were uninformed so they voted for what the people wanted, it's not like that anymore because even a popular vote can result in the states votes going to the other canidate.

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    No. Honestly, most people neither understand nor even realize that the Electoral College has a role in Presidential elections. Apathy, I think, is more a result of a complete alienation from the political process--a belief that a vote really doesn't count, Electoral College or not.

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    I definitely agree that the electoral college should be done away with. But you do realize that George Bush won the popular vote also in the last two elections.

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    only little morons who know nothing cry about the electoral college. america is a republic, not a democracy. the electoral college protects small and rural states from new york and california. do you idiots actually want manhatten, chicago, and LA to decide your elections? thats what will happen if we discard the EC. as far as gore winning the popular vote, no democrat has won the popular vote outright since jimmy carter. nearly two million prisoners and dead people voted for gore, just llike every democrat

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    If anyone really does stay away from the voting booth for the reason you suggest, then they are idiotic and they should be KEPT AWAY FROM the voting booth.

    I do believe in eliminating the electoral college, but not for the reason you suggest.

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    Personally, I think the Electoral College should have been done away with long, long ago.

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    I think that most potential voters can't find their way to the poling place. They were 'educated' in public schools and can't read maps.

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