Upgrading to Windows Service Pack 2 - I never did it. Is there a chance my system could crash or lose my files

I've been wanting to upgrade for a long time, but now that it has been sooo long, I just am really nervous.

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  • Mile
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    1 decade ago
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    You have to back up everything important that you keep on your hard disc drive. You can burn it on DVDs or Cd's, and you may backup your files on Internet. For example, you may use Yahoo! Briefcase for backup... It cost nothing, and may be extremely helpful if you really want to avoid loosing of any important document.

    best regards from Belgrade!

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    There is always a chance, when performing any major upgrade of an operating system, that there could be problems. It is a very low chance, but problems have been known to occur when doing an installation of SP2, just like there were some known problems during installations of SP1, etc, etc. Anyone who tells you there is no chance is being optimistic at best, although as I have said it is a small, perhaps a very small chance.

    This advice is so often repeated it becomes tiresome to hear, but you should always back up your critical data before making any kind of changes to your computer, but even moreso when doing a major OS upgrade.

    While I am on the subject, are you sure you really want to perform this upgrade. Opinions vary in this, but I have two computers, on one I run SP1 and on the other I run SP2. While there are some good improvements about SP2, in some ways I prefer SP1.

    True SP2 is more secure, but if you are running good 3rd party anti-virus, anti-spy-ware and fire wall programs.and if you don't do the really silly things some people do, accepting every download offered from questionable web sites, opening e-mail attachments, etc, then you nay not need the security enhancements SP2 offers all that much.

    On the other hand, if you are not that security minded then SP2 can be a real improvement.

    Good luck, whatever you decide, and remember, always back up!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I tried to upgrade to SP2 twice and both times when the computer rebooted itself it never booted up. That was it. I had to reinstall Windows both times and start from scratch. The third time I tried the same thing happened but this time I installed SP2 right after installing Windows before I installed anything else and it worked fine. I would back up anything you don't want to lose before you try for sure.

  • 1 decade ago

    u should upgrade it it is best to use window xp sp 2 when u upgrade it , it will work faster & safer than privious version & it is also safe to use all data will back up automatically

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