what are the best night clubs in buenos aires, argentina?

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    I visited BA in December, 2005 & was lucky enough to catch a once-a-month party called Club 69. I live in NYC & have been to clubs in Tokyo, Sydney, San Francisco, London, etc., and this was one of my top-5 club nights ever. Went c. 1:30am, left at 8am. Plan your trip around it! Here's a link:


    Club 69 (also known as Niceto Club, Niceto Vega y Humboldt) is one of the hottest spots in town. They have two stage shows in the main room, one hip hop themed, and the other inspired by traditional cabaret. The former chill out room, with its pleasantly accessible bar also features hip hop these days. It may get fairly crowded, have long lines, and, worst of all, it now closes meticulously at 6 (in exchange for that, they now open before 2, supposedly as early as midnight). It has also earned perhaps too much fame among tourists, who make up most of the crowd. Nevertheless, on a good night, it's still an excellent choice. Saturdays sometimes feature magic, which is more oriented towards hardcore electronica, with the exception of the last Saturday in each month, when they also have a "Club 69".

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