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in your opinion why a great man like zinedin zidane shows such a bad behavior.(imean in football match)?

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    Yeah it's all about American Football right? know the sport where we dress up Monkeys and Gorrillas in Helmets and Shoulder Pads and have them run around with a ball.....and a stadium full of fat white people with their shirts off showing their beer bellys yelling...Run, Niglets, Run!!!!!!!!!

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    I doubt that there is a defensive player in our football who has not said that and worse to the guy that he is covering. It is part of the game. And it has been forever. What did the Italian say, "You're a terrorist?" Come on, in an NFL game, they probably get graphic about the mothers' and sisters' sex lives of each offensive lineman. If it makes him twitch, it's 5 yards for illegal procedure.

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    Wrong category, mate. Put it in Football (international) or Soccer. In America football is the game played in the Super Bowl.

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    it truly is my eliminating order: a million.area 2.the whole Khali 3.Umaga 4.Randy Orton 5.Ric aptitude 6.Shawn Michaels 7.Kane 8.Batista 9.CM Punk 10.Triple H 11.Jeff Hardy 12.John Cena subsequently the winner is the Undertaker.

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    Hey, this is for AMERICAN football, not for the football known here as soccer. American football is for MEN, not little boys who throw temper tantrums and head butt other men in the chest when they are called a name. That's just part of the game here in AMERICAN football.

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    His NFL career never got off the ground and the fact you misspelled his first name made him crazy. But if he headbutted that Italian dude wearing an Riddell NFL model helmet, that'd be cool.

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    there should be a strong reason for such an act !! just believe in his long carrer he might have seen many instances but he was reated to this situation...implies something gone wrong ?

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    he lost his head . Check out what the lip-readers say that the head buttee said to Zidane...

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    What? Who? And isn't it called a Football game...not match? I have no idea who or what you're talking about.

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    He wanted to go out with a BANG!

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