massage therapy license is wanted in the city of Upland CA. i am certified. Is there a test or just apply?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you need to go to the police department usually. You usually have to have an extensive background check and get a permit or license from the vice department. This is because prostitution is so prevalent in the industry.Also each city requires a certain amount of hours of study, and they will change it if they feel like it.

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  • WHAT? Prostitution is prevalent?? Whatever...anyways, just check in with the state board of massage therapy unless you're nationally certified. In which case, I'd say not to worry about the laws a bit.

    Do me a favor though...don't give foot massages to people with gout...ALWAYS create an intake Dad went to California and got one massage...and came back with the worst flare-up ever.

    Source(s): LMT in Arkansas
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