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What are the best days of the week to fly to ensue the lowest fares?

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    It depends on the route being traveled. If it is a a heavy business travel route, like New York to Chicago, weekday fares are not going to automatically be less. If it's a leisure market, like Boston to Orlando, FL, weekend fares are likely to be just as pricey as mid-week or higher.

    All of that being said, on most airlines (notable exceptions being JetBlue and Southwest) a yield management system reprices all seats for all flights several times per day. So the trick is to book when the system thinks the flight is undersold and the deep discount economy fares are available. This could be a month before the flight, or a few days, and many points in between. If you check out, you'll be able to look at historical fares for your route and you'll know what a good deal is. Keep checking fares until you get close to that price, and lock it in. Have a good trip!

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    Sometimes flying on Saturday is cheapest.

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    Just avoid Friday - Sunday... they tend to be more expensive days for flights.

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    depends but usually tues and thursday....and usually they lower the fares on thursday....and raise them back up friday....

    Source(s): flown a million miles or so
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    middle of the week...

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