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I am doing sit-ups to get lose my gut and get abs,but I feela pinching on my gut? is this a good sign or no?

I put my knees close to me so I have to make it harder for me to do a sit-up. But when I do one I feel pinching on my gut,is this good?

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    its a great sign means your doing it right and you should only be able to do about 25 crunches that are perfect crunches

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    It sounds like you have maybe pinched a muscle. Try counter stretching, for example, sit ups opposite, which would be to gently bow your back. This should probably be done while lying on the floor, feet straight out behind you and then raise your upper body so that there is a stretching in the abdomen area. After doing that, get on all fours, arch your back, and that is how you should end your exercises.

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    My butt itches.

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