Why is the media always the first to be blamed over underage sex. Does it mean everything have to be censored?


Don't you think parents are asking much more to be censored? For example when I'm age 6 to 7, my parents used to cover my eyes during kissing scene. Censoring things does not help. Teens nowadays are surfing the net for uncensored version. Don't you think parents are partly responsible for underage sex? I sometime feel sorry for the media. They already put those "intimate" scene show after 10pm already, yet there is still parents complaining about it. One good example is "Desperate Housewife"

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    Thats because all you see on TV is sex and violence. Since TV is the only open option for teens to see sex, it can be easily blamed. After all, most teens spend more time in front of the TV more than anything else (excluding the computer).

    This is just like how violence is always blamed on video games. Every single time, parents try and associate video games to criminal acts.

    Parents are just looking for any possible scapegoat, to cover for their dismal parenting skills!

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    I believe the children of underage should not experience sex.At this age sex hormone was not build and their mind also not ready for this.This is the age for play and making them selves .So yah some times censoring is necessary for certain things.We can not indulge the sex lesson at an early age.Sex is necessary but not most wanted.Then there will be some what peace will come.

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    American media censor boards, are akin to baseball umpires: they have the power and they well know it. We might not agree with EVERY call they make, but their call stands as the final decision.

    And it's somewhat true censor boards tend to go overboard with their jobs at times. The censor boards are watching over us (literally); who's watching THEM?

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    The media is blamed because they seem to overrate everything.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The media glamourizes it.

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