After a bi experience my friend now avoids me?

One 0f my best friends and I both satisfied out bi-curiousities recently with each other (a few times in fact). It was the most amazing experience and I truely loved every moment of it. She claims she did too but now she avoids me and does not return my texts or calls. Im so hurt by her doing this and Ive tried letting her know, she says she didnt just use me but I feel so badly treated. I dont want to lose her as a friend but what can I do to put things right between us again.


Thanks guys, there are some really interesting thoughts to consider in your replies.

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    She obviously is very confused and uncomfortable about her own sexual identity.

    She is not sure if she's bi, gay, or what. (She is probably perfectly normal with a healthy curiosity about sex and pleasure, but that's her problem.)

    Speaking to you just brings all these issues to the forefront, which is probably why she's avoiding you.

    Give her a little time to become more comfortable with her sexuality. When talking to you no longer reminds her of her greatest fears, you'll probably become good friends again.

    However, ome thing to keep in mind: Once a person becomes a sexual partner, the relationship goes to a whole different place. You may remain good friends, but it will be in a different way.

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    Sometimes, you can't cross the sexual line & maintain a friendship. This is compounded when that line is crossed with an unnatural sex act. Remember, it doesn't matter if you think the act was natural or not if your partner doesn't, & this can even pertain to heterosexual relationships. In this case, I would guess she is ashamed of what she did with you, & wants to block every part of that experience from her life. You are part of that experience. If you still value her as a friend & respect her, you should probably give her the space she needs. Don't bother her, & if she decides she wants to try being friends with you again, she'll come to you. However, that is the risk any two people take when they have sex. It's essentially like gambling, & your stake is your friendship. You gambled, & the house won. You lost your stake. In time, maybe you can get it back, but don't count on it.

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    I saw your question and figured that i would try to help, since i am majoring in psychology.

    The way i see it, your friend is trying to establish her own mental relationship within herself. She believes she has done something wrong by simply feeding the urge of attraction between you two friends, with your curiousness in bisexuality. You both need to take some time to think about what went on, and wheathe otr not you'd like it to continue; or if was just a 'stage.' Until she decides to make up her mind, and reconcile with you, let her make up her own mind.

    -Helping in NJ-

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    maybe she is scared that the two of you are such close friends that a "proposal" might happen. i am assuming and should not be doing so. you should talk to her about it and ask her why. if she comes up w/ a lame excuse than she was not truly your friend to begin with.

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    sorry but she doesn't want to be bi or a couple with you anymore. she's afraid of what might be said or she has heard things already that bothered her. i wish I was dating one of you so we could all get together.

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    first thing you made a mistake having your first bi exp. w/ your friend.nothing will be the same between you all now.

    Source(s): know from my own life
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    tell her that you really still want to be your friend and you would forget about the whole thing that yall have did between you to. i think she regret what yall did, so explain to her that yall both could forget about it.

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    mabye she thinks u were not good and ur tasted nasty and she dont wanna have to do it all over again

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    give her a little time and then sit her down and tell her how you feel

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    maybe she thinks you are looking for a relationship, or maybe you're becoming to emotionally clingy.....if she wanted to experiment, then it was just sex.....

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