Does anybody have any fundraising (sp?) ideas?

I'm hopefully going to Paris in March but if i am i need to earn 400 dollars by August 28 and about 3,000 more after that. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I REALLY WANT TO GO TO PARIS!!!!!!

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    Bakes sales usually work well. You could call your local Wal-Mart or something and see if they'll let you set up a stand. Hershey also does a lot of fundraising with schools, maybe you could contact them independently and have them send you a box of fundraiser candy (that's what we always did in my high school and we raised tons of money). Are you going through a school organization? If there are other students going as well, maybe you can all work together to set something up. Try contacting different companies and see if they'll help you out. I sold personalized engraved pens and stuff from a catalog my senior year and actually made 3 times the amount I was supposed to for the concert choir. I forget what the name of that company was, but try and look some up.

    You could always do the old-fashioned lawn-mowing, baby-sitting and carwashing thing. Since it's summer, many people need their lawns taken care of, cars washed, or someone to watch their kid for a day or two. As long as you don't mind the heat or kids, you could make some money doing that. Do you have another job already that you could pick up some more hours at?

    Do you regularly attend a "place of worship" (to be politically correct I won't specify any specific type)? You might be able to set up a little donation jar and people might throw some loose change and stuff in. Every dollar counts!

    Dig around your house, attic and basement and find stuff you and your family don't need anymore, then you can have a yardsale or something and advertise it as something to help you study abroad. Members of your community might be more willing to help than you'd think. Or you could look into selling it on eBay or to a pawn shop (if you can find one near you).

    Good luck!!!! If all else fails, you can always beg around the family and promise lots of cool souveniers in return! (Just make sure to thank them profusely and really show genuine gratitude.)

    Source(s): I've done a lot of fundraising in my day (my high school was run by a whole bunch of fundraising freaks that needed money for everything... new stadium, new theater curtains, new this, new that...) and those are some of the things we used to do. If I think of any more, I'll drop by and add them.
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    Instead of selling things for a buck and trying to make a profit, try begging online. That guy that started the pixel craze raised a Million and some guy recently traded his way from a paper clip to a house by posting stuff on a blog.

    Put you thinking cap on and come up with something original and clever. It might help if you were a good looking honey and put your picture on there. Of course it's the Internet, so they wouldn't know it it was you anyway, so use anyones picture.

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    for fundraising ideas you can do the washes, pop can drives (depending on where you live) bake sales, yard sales, auctions and go to area business and if you have a 501c3 tax deductable and they will donate items to be auctioned.

    Also if you are old enough, get a job. Work odd jobs such as shoveling snow, mowing lawns, dog walking/sitting, errand runner for the handicapped etc. Be creative. Get a paper route. You have a goal and go for it.

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