are the youth these days obsessed with sex and dating?

i find so..from such a young age..

TV and internet has increased the exposure to sex that i feel childhood is being lost at an early age ..societies have become sexualized where sex has just become a source of fun..hell even checking someone out has become isn't has become a toy or a method of recreation when the consenting parties aren't even mature enough to tc of themselves let alone a child...

dating has become a cheap way to get laid instead of finding a true partner..

if aliens invade our planet(i don't believe in them btw) they will think that sex is the only thing we do..

it is being forgotten that love and responsibility(if not marriage) should initiate sex as it is one of the factors which separates us from animals..

whats YOUR take on this?..


and i'm saying this from personal experience..i observe myself, my friends ..i learnt abt sex v early due to TV..looking back i miss the innocence of childhood as there was so liitle of it..please keep answering...thanks!

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    I agree. It is a sad situation. Kids have no childhoods anymore. They are exposed to the most depraved filth at a very early age. You just have to look at some of questions and answers from pre-teens and teens here to see that we have a major problem and it's getting worse. Parents, supervise your children.

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    1 decade ago

    our youth's lives have been taken away by the greed of people in Hollywood and on the Internet,all filth all the time. You can't watch a film that doesn't appear to have been directed by a horny 15 yr old, that's why they are all so boring and such garbage. Turn off your TV like I have...been three years now and really about ten since I watched anything but news.

    Pretty soon, you'll see people dropping on the street and's becoming about as animalistic as it can be.

  • 1 decade ago

    Interesting post/question... I agree that dating has become more centrally focused on getting laid rather than getting love...

    However, you made a comment about how love and responsibility separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.... It is not the love and responsibility that separates us rather it is the concept of pleasure seeking... animals reproduce b/c of their bodies' (not sure the best way of putting this) inner call to reproduce. They have sex to reproduce; we have sex to reproduce but also to simply have sex... [a concept also found in dolphins]...I think the two concept essentially offer the same point though...

    But ultimately, yes it would be kind of nice to find some love before sex, once and a while these days.


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    1 decade ago

    i agree with you 100%....this nation feeds off the media so much and its disgraceful...not only as a nation we're into the whole concept of "sex sells" and etc.. as a nation, for the most part, everyone is worrying about diets n etc. to the point that is effecting very young girls, as young a 13 or even younger asking if they are fat...point is, children no longer have an actual childhood here

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  • 1 decade ago

    Training Films!!!!

    TV, Movies, Rap Star Pigs, Comics, everywhere.

  • 1 decade ago

    im a youth so...we get expozed to a lot of stuff you slightly older people didnt. if you dont look for it though, you dont find enough to make you feel like you have lost ur innocence or anything...and checking people out isnt just about sexuality. there are too things that can come of it. you can think "Wow, she's gorgeous" or "OMG she is HOT"...its two sided

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  • rumahs
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    1 decade ago

    i agree with you

    but i think there is no turning back

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