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Why do paradoxes make us laugh?

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    I haven't laughed so hard in years!!!! Oh well, keep trying, one of these days someone will "get it"!

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    Do they?

    Here is one for you, does it make you laugh?

    Every number can be described by words, right?

    2 can be described by two or four divided by two, or the cube root of eight . . . the list goes on.

    Since every number can be described by a positive integer of words, there must be a minimum number of words to describe it.

    2 was described by 1, 4, and 5 word chains, but it it obvious that the shortest possible is 1.

    For every number, there must be some number that can not be described in a number of words less than that number. 204 can be written as two hundred four. This is the least number of words that 204 can be described in, so 204 minimal word length is 3. We have found an example of a number that cannot be written with word length less than 3. 2550 can be described by two thousand five hundred fifty (in 5 words) but also by fifty times fifty-one (in 3 words). Its minimal word length is 3.

    Now, taking all the positive integers that can't be written in less than 3 words, you can order them. Mathematics tells us that there is a minimum (101).

    So. What if I ask you to tell me the smallest positive integer that can't be described in less than 14 words. There must be one, right?

    Well, this is about paradoxes, so it would be strange if there wasn't a paradox. Well, as stated above, there is such a number. What is the paradox?

    Assume that you have a positive integer that can't be described in less than 14 worlds. Assume that it is the smallest such number. Consider the phrase "The smallest positive integer that can't be described in less than fourteen words." The phrase is 13 words long. Therefore, if there was a smallest such positive integer (which there must be), it can be described in less than 14 words, and is therefore not the smallest such number.

    Thus, the paradox.

    Funny, isn't it?

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    because when you are walking down the road and see a snicker a little so it just goes to show you that to get a good laugh you need a from mississippi.

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    pair of ducks...quack quahaha? lolz..just guessing thx

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    quack quack quack lol

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