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Does anyone know how to find out how long it would take to get from Tahlequah, Oklahoma to Columbus, Ohio? thx

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    820.43 miles. Your my long lost sister!!!! nice avatar

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    i did this drive last week and it took me three 14 hour days and an additional 7 hours to get there. I drove on the interstate at about an average of 70 MPH and i stopped twice daily - for a fast food lunch at an Arby's or Subway and for dinner at a finer dining establishment (Red Lobster or Olive Garden - about 2 hour meal times with a dessert). I refuled in Indiana and Kansas (my POS Accord only gets 14 MPG!!) and I stopped at a titty bar in KC for a quickie ;) so that cut into the drive time otherwise I think I could have motored it and done this drive in 2 days straight!

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    Depends on mode of travel. Go to

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    Try mapquest. You get miles, time and directions.

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