What was the name of the band that went down with the Titanic?

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    There doesn't appear to be an actual name for the band -- just "Titanic's eight-member band." However, I did see that it was led by a man named Wallace Hartley. Per the Wikipedia entry on him:

    "There has been a great deal of speculation of what the last song the band played was. Some survivors remember hearing the hymn "Nearer, My God, to Thee". This song became the most popular belief with former band mates saying that Hartley said he would either play "Nearer, My God, to Thee" or "O God, Our Help in Ages Past" if he was ever on a sinking ship, but Walter Lord's book A Night to Remember popularized wireless officer Harold Bride account of hearing the song "Autumn". It is believed Bride meant the hymn called "Autumn" or "Songe d'Automne," a popular song at the time.

    His body was recovered by the Mackay–Bennet as body number 224. 1,000 people attended his funeral, while 40,000 lined the route of his funeral procession. He is buried in Colne where a 10–foot bust was erected in his honour. A blue plaque marks the house in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire where he lived at the time of his death."

    See sources for further information.

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    I found a few websites you may want to look at.


    This one labels it as "The White Star Line Orchaestra"

    Another website suggests there were actually 2 bands on the Titanic but it does not give out the actual names of them.


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    They did not have a formal name - there were seven members of the band. They were probably hired especially for the maiden voyage. Read all about them below. They were certainly brave men because they played to the last, hoping to keep the passengers and crew as calm as possible.

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    wallace hartley bandleader but no mention of bands name

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