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Subliminal messages?

Do you know a song with subliminal messages? And how can you tell? How can you listen to the message?

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    Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven!!!!!!

    you can "back mass" the song by playing it on your computer backwards. or go to some back masking websites that will play samples

    i think i you can distinguish it, back wards it says something about Satan and 666 blah blah....

    p.s. it is an 8 minute's song and it is all translated in different languages....

    when it's in the English part, frontwards it will say, " If there's a bustle in your head row, don't be alarmed now"

    Source(s): spooky experience
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    I don't (send) know of song, but (me) subliminal messages (all) exist in many (of) forms. You can't (your) really hear or (money) see them, but they (NOW!) are still a strong force.

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