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Is it right that baby Suri Cruise does not excist?????????

You know, Katie and Tom's daughter...

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    Who cares? is Tom Cruise A.K.A. The couch jumping crazy manipulator.

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    How can she not exist? She was pregnant, and had the baby the same day Brooke Shields had her daughter. I just feel as though they don't want her to be in the public eye. They don't want her exposed because there are a lot of crazy people out in the world.

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    If you have ever had a child you can understand. Right now they want her to be a private thing. Every aspect of their lives are so public aren't they allowed to enjoy some private part of their lives. Also they may be worried about someone trying to kidnap her. I beleive a long time ago that one of the cruises someone had plotted to kidnap.

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    I'm sure she does, they just dont want to put the poor child in the media, and everything, but keeping her away from the media so long isnt good either, because that just means the more crazier they will get, or there wanting to get more money for the pics?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Have you ever seen her and Mary Kate Olsen in the same place at the same time? I think not. Kinda suspicious if you ask me.

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    WHO CARES? It's their baby why be so concerned about someone elses baby?

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    I am sure that she does exist. The problem for me is why do people care so damn much?

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    prbly is who cares though

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