What is the best computer I can buy for 4K for numerical calculations and modelling?

Basically for use with fortran and Matlab. Should it have a 64 bit Intel dual core Xeon Processor? Or an AMD athlon or? Should it have Linux or win XP 64 or win XP 32?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Personally, I'd just get the fastest chip out there and build a system around it.

    Since processing is important, spend the most there. Go with the AMD FX-62.

    The rest of the system is optional.

    As for operating system, to make it easy use Windows XP. The 64-bit XP is still a little out there while the regular XP Pro is pretty stable and trouble free. Plus EVERYTHING is written for it. No problems getting drivers for any hardware.

    Good luck.

    If you want me to suggest parts for the entire system mail me at ajeannotte.at.yahoo.com

    it's no problem. I'm a nerd, i enjoy it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Since you have enough in the budget I would start with an Intel D975XBX motherboard, a pentium dual 950 processor, or an extreme edition processor, 8gb DDR2 667 mhz memory, a WD Raptor SATA hdd, XP pro 64 still has bugs so I would stick with XP Pro. That should be more than enough to handle anything

  • 1 decade ago

    If it needs to do really large jobs use small computers with openmosix and linux. openmosix.sourceforge.net

    It only works with kernel 2.4(2.6 is still in alpha) and it is only 32-bit.

    There are others out there notably openssi and kerrighed(don't know the addresses but u could do some Googling)

    Good luck.

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