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Did you hear Colorado passed legislation requiring proof of citizenship before getting social services?

Pass this on to your own state legislatures so they can follow suit! It's time the people were not only heard by our elected officials, but that these representatives act on behalf of the safety and security of America......


DAR, thanks for clearing it up....does anyone else have more information to share?

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  • DAR
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    It actually is very watered down. First, it doesn't even apply to anyone under 18 and then there are a number of services exempted. The Governor, who had called the special session on immigration at one point asked the Democrats to name a single service it actually prohibited. As far as I know, he never got an answer.

    However, all of the tougher, Republican measures were voted down on party lines.

    You will note that it is only the Democrats there who are trying to call this a tough bill.

    On the other hand, Idaho's Canyon County took a different tack — it filed a racketeering lawsuit against agricultural companies accused of hiring illegal immigrants. A federal judge threw the case out, but county commissioners voted to appeal

  • Daisy
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    Yep, I read about this. I am very heartened by this news and I think many other states will follow suit. There seem to be a few states that declare themselves "havens" for illegals. I think ALL illegals should head for those states right away. Those states deserve what they are gonna end up with! The costs to their social services are going to skyrocket! Then, they will be begging to the Federal government for more money and I hope the government tells them "NO! You wanted 'em, you got 'em! Deal with it!"

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    It wasn't a law passed for Colorado it's a national It's a requirement for all states so that illegal immigrants can't use up all of our services like they have been. This is one move that I absolutely agree with.

  • Anonymous
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    Yes, but its all lip service.

    There ARE ways around it.

    Way to go Colorado, but you really need to try harder.

    This is a SOFT answer to a HUGE problem.

    Gotta give them an "A" for effort!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Good, every state needs to do the same. Then work on the companies who hire the illegals.

  • Sashie
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, yes, yes!!!!! About time!! Now if every State followed suit, we would have gone a long way to bring some order in this mess .....

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    You betcha!!! I've been emailing them for awhile now, especially Owens!!!

    Guys, don't forget Hazleton, PA...the pro lobby is expected not to let the mayor there go to the bathroom without filling his head up with their nonsense!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Illegals always find a way to beat the system. Its kinda like what our President does.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes I am so very happy with that law. We are certainly winning this battle with these criminals. The amnesty supporters can tuck walnuts

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    You are not solving the problem. All that means is that the illegal cannot receive benefits for themself, but can get benefits for all of their children born here and we pay medical bills for illegal pregnant women who give birth here. We also do no count all of their income if they are illegal.

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