who has the funniest dreams?

i'm looking for the funniest dream... not the wierdest, the wittiest.

as we go, if you tell me yours, i'll tell you some of mine.

deal? deal.


once i dreamed that pope john paul was my roomate. he was like, 2 feet tall and shuffled around while me and my friend had drinks in the kitchen. she said, "how's stuff with your roomate working out?" and I said, "oh, fine. we each do our own thing" at least he didn't mind incense.

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    seriously ... MANY years ago...

    i dreamt i was walking along a beach and giant frogs, laying in the surf half burried in the sand, were trying to crawl up my...mmm a**.

    Later i looked up frogs in a dream interpretation book and it said frogs often symbolize of a phallic symbol (phalice/penis). AS IS: like when the princess KISSES the toad.... etc. lol

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    1 decade ago

    could you add in the details if you mean dreams like dreams while you're asleep, or dreams like things you aspire to do, like jobs?

    if you mean sleeping dreams, here are some that i've had, summarized big time!!

    i dreamed once that i was a cow. i was part of the heard!! lol i was a reddish brown cow with some white spots here and there. it was funny.

    i dreamed that i was running across a soccor field, dressed in only a bath towel.

    i dreamed that i went to school in a hippo costume.

    i dreamed that i was a waffle and that everyone chased me and my best friends. one of my friends was a pancake, another was an egg mcmuffin, another was an omolette....lol

    i dreamed that i sang "don't worry, be happy" on my rooftop in the middle of the night, and there was a full moon.

    i dreamed that i had to pee every 5 minutes, and i was doing poddy dances like 5 year olds do.....it was funny to see me do that.

    i had a dream where i claimed that i was the smartest person in the world, and that i was going to take pictures of anyone who challenged my intelligence. i kept trying to take pictures, and the camera would flash, but the pic wouldn't show up on the viewing screen. some redneck blonde missing a few teeth finally told me that the lens cap was still on.

    i had a dream that i was inside of a pac man game!

    and here's the last funny one i will post: i had a dream that i was onstage with my friends, i guess we were a band, and we were only in undies!! but they were like granny panties underwear!! lol

    i dream everynight, more than once, and most of the funny ones are about me!!

    hope i made u smile!


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    I once dreamt that my friend drew a picture of these aliens. They kinda looked like the ones from Toy Story. And so he told me that they were gonna come alive and take us away on their spaceship. It was hilarious, because he was a really weird kid and it was just like him to say something like that XD

    So no one believed him, but then they actually did come to life and capture us all in their spaceship. Then somehow we ended up on Rhode Island and started eating hot dogs.

    Yeah. o_o. Lol.

  • 1 decade ago

    i had a dream where i was working at a nursing home and all of a sudden the nursing home turned into a transformer and it transformed into a space shuttle and we all went to other space and there we were me and the nurses and about 100 elderly people floating around in space...stupid dream huh

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  • me... I had a dream that I was eating a big huge marshmallow then i woke up my pillow was gone. It was under the bed... i know it's not that funny but its a little weird.

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    dreamt that I shitted real a lot.. really a lot till u can't imagine! I really filled the whole ma tong! Then the next thing i knew was Sha-jiaoing to my mum in singapore, saying i got body itchy rash. Ok. the next thing that happen, I was in edinburgh going to make visa and I met this guy who asked me, how's ur CPR session. I was like, huh? how did u know i just had cpr today? and then he said: of coz i know. Then he asked me hows lectures and stuff. I replied him: dont u know that glasgow is pbl system and we have few lectures. So he gave me a stupid reply: oh.. i didnt know that.

    I know that my dreams are so unrelated. But the next dream is funnier


    After sch today, I was surfing online for cars, especially yaris and pictures of their interiors and stuff. SO I dreamt that I was back in pontianak and it was like 1 pm or 2pm. I was damm bored, so decided to check out the new car secretly while everyone was having afternoon nap. So, with my car keys, I set off.. Brrmmm..

    I came to the airport and it was super super busy. Oh yah... actually, i wasn't driving in the driver's seat. I was actually in the back seat controlling the car. How cool is that. I drive the car with my commands and my imagination without having to actually steer the wheels. But, how would i know it would be sooo difficult controlling the car. So at the busy airport, the tukang parkir was like asking me to move front, but i keep ending up moving back. My car has gone mad. At one time, it was speeding front and slowly moving back. I was trying hard to control it.. but to no avail. TAMADE.. scary

    Then, finally i managed to leave the airport. And still steering my car with my mind, i either get it moving toooo fast or tooo slow. As i just reached outside my house, my driver's seat caught fire and then the fire is gone. The 2nd burst of flame come and I thought i was going to die. So i was frantically trying to switch off the engine but then this stupid car doesnt use the key to activate the engine but it uses the stasrt/stop button. I was just outside my house and I saw my 2 maids opening the door coming out. I managed to switch off the car with my mind eventually.

    My maid asked me. What are you doing? I said, " nothing, just checking out the car". So she asked me " did you go out" and so i said " no way.. i wouldnt dare".

    She walked towards me and the car. Dunno why she started inspecting the car. And.... at the side of the car, there are bullet holes everywhere and signs of small miny explosions at different part of the car. The paint was even peeling off. WHAT HAVE I DONE!! so my father came out of the house and asked us wad we were doing. And he saw the condition of the car and i dunno why he soo stupid. He asked.. wah..the paint dont last long do they? we only got the new car today.. SO i was like .. YAh yah..... look inside thee paint are like coming off too. And at one side of the window, the top part has gone missing!! SO he said: funny eh, dont they usually come with this top part of the mirror! So i said: uah..strange..look at out other car, it always come with it, i wonder why this doesnt.

    ahahaha... Why is my father so stupid in there. ANd the funniest thing that happen is that the car i actually drive was a Blue Fiat Panda which my sis is driving here and not the Yaris that he bought... Hahahaha

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    i don't waana know about ur dream..so i m not going to tell u about my dream....deal ? deal ...lol

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