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On my laptop I have no sound what-so-ever, I've tried playing with all the sound options in my control panel and everything is as high as possible and nothing is muted, I've tried using external speakers ( logitech USB Headset ) and I still have no sound at all so i don't think that it's my laptops speakers. I'm pretty good with computer so i thought i could get my sound working but no luck. I'm wondering if this is maybe a problem with my sound card or something else, open to any and all suggestions, thank you =)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Call manufacturer for support and use a speakerphone, not a cordless. Those wait-times can sometimes be quite long!

  • 1 decade ago

    If you have Windows XP try removing the sound device from your system and then reinstalling it. It may be that when the laptop was set up, someone skipped the intro test to turn on the sound device. If you know your way around the XP Operating system you can right click on My Computer, select Properties, go to the hardware tab and there will be a button to launch the Device Manager. This is the easiest place to delete and rediscover hardware components. Also, you might check in the Device Manager by reight clicking on the sound device to see if there are any driver problems, if it says "the device is working properly" and find the type of sound device your laptop is using. Go to the manufacturer's home page and see if you can look up your system by serial number. This will enable you to search for driver updates if you need one and some companies even list the driver version your unit was shipped with. Then you can download the driver for your sound device and load it on your laptop. Since you have already checked the Sounds section of your control panel (I assume?!?!) then you probably tested the Windows Default sounds to see if they were playing? Good Luck. Email me if you have any questions. I will be happy to respond. I am a retired Computer and Network Systems Analyst for the New Mexico State Police and can probably answer most of your questions!

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    If you added a new sound card lately, then the problem could be due to it. I had an experience with creative sound card before. It didn't work with my newly custom build CPU. I had to disactivate creative sound card and use the build in sound card which come with the motherboard.

    If not, well, call the manufacturer's technician department and they might be able to guide u.

    Good Luck

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