Do little people (call them hobbits) exist? If so, do they have their own community, in which they live at?

I was curious cause I hardly see little people if they do exists and even if they didn't how come we see little people in movies? Where did movie directors get the idea of little people?

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    there are otherwise normal people who suffer from what is called "dwarfism" (i apologise i dont remember the technical term). I know at least one person in my town has dwarfism and she seems to get along just fine. I know that there are communities where groups of them live but I do not know where those communities are. While some directors like Ron Howard have tried to be respectful towards those with dwarfism there have been those in Hollywood who have insulted and mistreated those with dwarfism. As far as i know i do not have dwarfism (I am 5' 4") however i have been teased and made fun of because of my height for most of my life and I try not to do it to those with dwarfism I come in contact with.

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    Well, supposedly the only "little people" around today are the dwarves and midgets caused by genetic disorders in normal people. So *they* say.

    However, I have to tell you -- about 25 years ago or so, I was walking alone in the Black Forest in Germany, and I saw several "folks" darting from one tree to another that were much tinier than anything I've ever seen in supposed real life and they were dressed totally absurdly, just like in the old stories -- and not a camera crew in sight. I have no idea who or what they were -- they didn't stay around for introductions. But to this day I refuse to disbelieve!! P. S. I was 14 and totally straight & sober, thank you!!

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    If you mean a different species of people like the Hobbits, then no, they don't exist.

    Midgets/Dwarves/Little-people, that is humans with a genetic difference that makes them very short, do exist.

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    Last year, scientists found acient remains of very short people on an island near Indonesia. The island, I think was called Flores, an island East of Bali. They named them the hobbit people.

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    The only "hobbits" in reality became extinct about 12,000 years ago. As adults they were about the size of a three-year old child.

    Those who bring "little people" to life in films and books may have past-life memories of the real thing.

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    yes! they all live in the woods behind my house and at night they come out and sprinkle my garden with magic dust and they bake bread for my breakfast in the morning and they balance my check book and file my taxes.

    then when i get up i stretch and come down to a sparkling house and leave a jar of mayo on my back step for them because they love ham sandwiches!

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    You mean Midgets? Of course they exist. Just not hobbits.

    ....well maybe if a few of them are hairy?

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    yes....i work with a woman and she is a troll. She has stubby little arms and legs and even has the bushy hair (like the ones you put on the end of your pencil!). Little people (i like to call them midgets or freaks) aggravate me...they all walk around like the world owes them we don't! So my question to you is: why do little people have such bad attitudes?

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    I am a little hobbit. I do not like this invasion of my privacy! Reported!

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    There is a place here in Virginia, a whole town where midgits live, it's pretty cool. They have little houses and everything.

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