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Are there other dimensions existing in the same space as ours?

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    One version of membrane theory (M-theory, string theory is a special instance of this larger theory) adopted super gravity and that theory states there are 11 dimensions. Three spacial, one temporal, and 7 others that exist at lengths near the Planck length or smaller.

    But I don't think that's the dimension you're talking about. I think you mean like another universe. In which case the theoretical answer is still yes. It has been proposed that we are part of a multiverse. In the multiverse there are an infinite number of parallel identical universes where each one differs from the former by only a single decision or happenstance.

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    The problem here lies in the definition of 'dimension'. Mathematically, you can measure all kinds of things simultaneously and keep track of time, temperature, x, y, and z coordinates. This is an example of a 5 dimensional measurement.

    However, if you mean a spatial dimension that is perpendicular to the normal x, y, and z dimensions in the same way that z is perpendicular to x and y, the answer becomes a definite maybe. Where do particles go that seem to disappear and reappear as they go zinging through paraffin clouds? Where do the electrons go as they transit from lower orbits to higher orbits with regions in-between that they aren't supposed to be able to exist in?

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    Of course there is...and it's nothing new by any means: You could call the "fourth dimension" the "spiritual dimension". The spiritual dimension can and DOES exist, or actually I should say "co-exists" with the material world. Even the Bible demonstrates the truth in this matter...for example, when Christs' disciples were sitting together eating within a house, and the text even goes out of its' way to mention that the "doors being shut"...and then suddenly Christ appears among their company and says, "Peace unto you"...and then shows them His hands and His feet to prove to them Who He was (because this follows His resurrection). The spiritual realm, as can be demonstrated actually many ways, does in fact "co-exist" in the same realm as the physical realm...but the spiritual realm isn't subject to the same "laws" as the physical or material realm. A spirit for example can walk through walls...whereas the material or physical realm cannot.

    Source(s): The Bible...and I have also experienced personally unexplainable spiritual manifestations twice in my life...once when I was 19 years of age...and the second time within the last year...and I am now at the age of 50 years. The spiritual realm is very you will soon discover for very sure of that.
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    On a simple level that is easy to conceptualize, I think that beyond the ordinary three dimensions of space there is also a dimension of hyperspace which is a short cut through ordinary space. My reason for believing that is the quantum phenomenon of non-locality, by which two entangled particles interact simultaneously, no matter how far apart they may be. This phenomenon has been demonstrated in laboratory experiments by physicists. Postulating another dimension which cuts through space gives a satisfactory account of quantum non-locality.

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    A "dimension" is simply a measurable definition of what we perceive. In our case we can perceive the dimensions of height, width, depth and time. These are 4 co-existing dimensions that we interact with.

    If you think about it, time is the unifying element of the other 3 dimensions (who would care about the height of an object if we didn't attempt to measure how long it would take to get to the top of it?).

    Other dimensions definitely exist, but our perception of these dimensions is severely limited by our feeble senses. I believe that our brains are capable of perceiving other dimensions, but we have not yet found the correct reference point (like the passage of time) to be completely aware of them.

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    There are a total of 8 dimensions

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    There may be many dimensions - more than 8 would be my thinking on this. How many - we may be able to calculate when we get the new super fast computers that will be available in a few years 300 - 500 times the current P4.

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    Yes, in fact, string theory suggests there are other 6 or 7 additional dimensions. Other theories say there may even be a higher (even infinite) number of spacial or even temporal dimensions.

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    The scientists imagine that we are in a international with as many dimensions as 10 or 11, per chance extra with the help of now. in case you lived in a 2 measurement international and said a ball it ought to seem as if a flat circle. I genuinely have know theory what a 7 or 8 dimensional merchandise ought to seem as if in our 3 measurement international view. it ought to describe a lot about alien craft's that are said to seem and disappear, fade in and fade out. i don't think of alien craft's are from billions of miles away in area. in the experience that they are actual then i imagine they are extra interior reach, likely yet another measurement.

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    According to the latest "String Theory" there are other dimensions existing simultaneously with ours, 11 to be exact, with theirs feeling just as real as ours.

    Source(s): PBS Documentary. Aired on 11 July 2006.
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