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if your choice was to walk everywhere or drive a 1985 reliant station wagon what would you do?

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    Walk. God Bless you.

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    Drive the reliant of course! According to my pedometer I walk over 6 miles a day at my job as a retail department manager. Walking everywhere would mean a 24 mile round trip walking commute. (I live waaaaaay out in the country) Plus my mom had an 82' when I was little and they're actualy pretty reliable cars.

    I drive a 92' pontiac bonneville and get a few granny car remarks from stupid teenagers (I'm 20 and married) when I'm at the mall on saturday nights. So I'm not a "hip" person on this subject.

    Frankly if it runs decently and you're not pulling over every 5 miles to pop the hood and fix something you should be happy.

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    drive the hell out of the wagon and if u hate it so bad work,save buy something else the only way is up or walking

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    I'd probably drive that station wagon, I hate I swallow my pride, and disguised myself and ready to take a ride in that beauty LOL!

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    Hey, its a car-if it gets you where you need to go, drive it! People are gonna think what they're gonna think and theres not much you can do about that. If other people don't like it, thats too bad for them! Just do what you do and your real friends will prevail.

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    Remember Ferris Bueller? He knocked on Camerons car and he ended up sayin that he had to admire his piece of S*** because he didn't have be thankful most people in the world would die to have that car! Peace.

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    I wouldn't be so picky.I used to have to Drive a 1978 Ford with no floor. But with gas prices you might as well walk.

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    Drive of course. Wheels are wheels. Everyone has a first ugly car. Get over it.

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    Get dark tinted windows

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    It is better to ride! Riding the bus and walking is not cool!

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