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Even with proper medical attention, can DVTs still kill you?

I was watching something on regards to Tony Gywnn's story about his DVT problem. He said that 200K people die each year from deep-vein thrombosis. (DVT)

But my problem is compounded because I have Factor Five Leyden--a genetic blood clotting disorder which causes my body to produce clots whether or not that I'm injured.

And just last week, I went into the ER and found out that I had another clot in the same leg. Even with treatment, I can still feel the symptoms. (Because this is one stubborn clot to treat--at least this one is.)

So can I still die from this even advanced medical care?

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    Not if its known that you have it. DVT kills people when the clot travels up to the heart or lungs. The people are usually unaware that a clot is even there. So your very lucky that you know you have the condition....I wouldn't worry about it. A few things that I have read over the years of being in the medical field.....when you take long trips, always get out at least every 1 1/2 hours to improve your circulation, also TED hose are good for preventing clots when your resting. Good luck....I'm sure you ll be fine. Count your blessings.....DVT is very sneaky and kills people before they even get to the hospital most of the time. One more thing...are you on an anti-thrombolytic?? If your not, then evidentally your doc doesn't seem too overly concerned.

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    Factor V Leiden mutation can present with recurrent DVTs as you already know . Meta analysis has shown that people who are hetrozygous for the gene donot have an increased mortality and live normal life spans.

    If you have more than one attacks of DVT , your doctor should consider anticoagulation with Coumadin indefinetly . You should try to avoid things that can precipitate DVT like , OCPs, hormone replacement s , crossing legs for long , sitting for long hours , smoking . Pregnancy can provoke DVT in your case also and would require managment with heparin which is a special blood thinner.

    People with factor V Leiden mutation sometimes have other inherited coagulation disorders aswell. You should consider seeing a hematologist also.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yes, clots can kill. It sounds like they need to refer you to a hematologist and find out what clotting disorder(s) you have going on. I have APS, Lp(a) and MTHFR. I am now on Coumadin, aspirin and plaquenil as I continued to clot on Coumadin alone.

    It takes awhile for clots to resolve. Do they have you wearing medical support hose??

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