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Not to sound like an idiot but where is Dubai and what country is it in?

I always see Dubai listed in Vogue as to where you can find designer clothes and such but where the hell is it?

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    It is in the UAE (United Arab Emirates)

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    Dubai is in the UAE or United Arab Emirates (not the UAR, because it's a monarchy, not a republic). Dubai is to the UAE as New York is to the USA. It's not the government capital, but it is the economic center of the country.

    The UAE is an oil-producing country located between Saudi Arabia and Oman, and just across the Persian Gulf from Iran (Arabs say it's the Arabian Gulf).

    Dubai, which is one of the 7 emirates or states that make up the UAE, has some oil, but not nearly as much as Abu Dhabi. So the government of Dubai has focused its efforts on developing trade as an alternative and addition to oil money. They do a lot with trans-shipment (importing and exporting). They also have a lot of fancy sporting events, like the Dubai Desert Classic.

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    Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates. It's a republic I believe. Dubai City is its capital.

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    Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf, SW of Sharjah and NE of Abu Dhabi and reaches into the interior. They have 132 communities. It is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates on the Arabian Peninsula.

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    Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in the one nice city in the middle east. They have oil there.

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    United Arab Emirates is the name of the country.

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    y didnt u just type dubai into yahoo. yur results would have told u in a second

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    it is the commercial capital of the united arab emirates

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    go to that, its a map showing exactly where its at.

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