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Can you have a true democracy without a free press?

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    Doubt it, you'd never even know if you have a true democracy without a free press...

    You would no doubtedly believe it though...

  • FILO
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    That's a tough question, dude. for America, it is a must to have free press. But democracy, does work whether there is free press or not. I believe government by democracy is a way of the system and it's people are intertwine where you have the people, the parties of government and it's many branches, and at least a judge, and the law upholder (the leader), joining to make the system work. Otherwise it will fall apart, and what you have is a conclusion that the system does not work. You have to remember that There certain european countries that actually adopted this system of democracy much longer than our country had been around.

    I think, the reason our country toast in free press, is because most past anarchy system tend to oppressed or censored whjat can and can not be pressed.

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    Of course. As long as the politicians are honest and put the needs of the people they serve above their own. And pigs can fly, as long as they have wings.

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    No because the voters need to be fully informed, not propagandized, to have the information they need to make informed decisions.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I dont' know. We live in a republic.

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