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Is changing religion considered "ungodly"?

I have been studying the religion of Hinduism for a very long time. I recently was thinking about converting to Hinduism but when I presented the idea to a friend she replied "i wood tell u that thats kinda dumb and to stop and think about wut ur actually doing" now when i asked her why she made this remark she told me because it is considered "ungodly" I am only 17 but I have read and studied about Hinduism deeply. What do you think?

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    Definitely not! Changing religion should not be classified as ungodly. This religions were set up by man to honor and pray for God or maybe to install discipline to members. There are about numerous religion from different country now. If you were born from this family with a type of religion you are baptized without any consultations since you are a child or a baby. But if you grew up and have this idea of changing its your choice theres no ungodly about this. Don't be discouraged join that religion if you find it not good for you change again it would'nt hurt.

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    If you believe in Hinduism, then you have already converted. Just because you still go to a Christian church doesn't mean you are Christian.

    Also, if God (or whoever the Godly being in your current religion is) wanted everybody to stay a certain religion, he would have given us a sign. However, He lets us choose for ourselves, and if we are wrong about the religious path we choose to take, He will not scold us for it.

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    No not "ungodly". That is a term used by overcontrolling religious freaks...stay away from them. Your ability to free think at such a young age means you have a good mind...continue to use it to think and consider how things can or could be. Do what is best for you..and all the best

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