Is it safe to run when you are pregnant?

I would like to run as long as I can, and begin again as quickly as possible following delivery. Also, is it safe to run with a newborn in a jogging stroller?

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    It is totally safe, as long as you have already been doing it. Pregnancy is not the time to start a new exercise routine. As long as you are comfortable with it, and don't overdue it, it will be fine. Make sure that your heartrate doesn't get over 140 beats/min. If it does, slow down some.

    Running after the baby is born is an excellent way to get back into shape. Using a stroller is a great way to add some resistance, but still have baby with you and most babies really enjoy it. They will probably sleep right through it, but they love it.

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    its not safe to run after the fifth month of pregnancy but it is up till then and it is safe for the baby to be in a stroller while you jog as long as the baby is riding smoothly and not bouncing. and if you have a natural delivery you'll be running maybe 1 week after. just dont take the baby out for long periods of time with you until at leats a month old. A half hour or so is okay until then. the baby will get to much air and end up with a bad belly ache.

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    If running is something you have done up until now... you are find to continue. My aunt played tennis thoughout both of her pregnancies!! Just be aware of the changes in your center of gravity, and maybe think about a tredmill in a gym, or having a friend jog with you, so that there is someone around in case you need somthing. And don't forget to drink your WATER!!!!

    Most Dr's want you to wait for your 6 week check up before beginging anything after giving birth, but there is nothing wrong with taking a jog with a baby in a stroller.

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    generally, if it's comfortable (relatively), it should be ok.... but don't try to excessively diet while pregnant... the baby needs nutrients for proper development. Re a newborn in a jogging stroller...I'd probably give it at least a couple of weeks so the baby can develop those weak neck muscles.

    Also, taking your baby out in public in the first weeks has risks... if the baby gets sick... the blood-brain barrier has not completely formed... you'll be going to the hospital for tests.

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    Running while you are in your first trimester is OK. After that your joints loosen up in preparation for childbirth so you would be more prone to injury. Brisk walking would be a good alternative. As for running with a jogging stroller, as long as it is not bumpy terrain then it should be fine. Just no bumps because the baby's neck will not be strong enough at first.

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    Make sure to stretch your muscles before beginning. Follow that with a fast walk or slow jog to warm up. Also, you will need to take note of the type of trail you are jogging on. Because you center of gravity changes during pregnancy, you should avoid any obstacles, such as uneven pavement and gravel, to avoid a fall.

    You may also notice that you tire quicker than before. That is normal. Your body is already working overtime just to support the growth of your unborn baby. Listen to your body and let it be your guide. Don’t feel guilty if you have to cut your jogging session short because of exhaustion, dizziness or nausea. While exercise is great for you, the health and safety of your baby should be your highest concern.

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    I believe that as long as you don't overstress yourself (especially getting your heart-rate above cardio level) that you can safely do most things during pregnancy. You might wanna verify this with your doctor, though! I'm not sure about after delivery, but my friend couldn't put her kid in the pull-behind trailer for the bike until he could hold his head up on his own ... maybe it's the same with the jogging stroller?

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    A slow jog with a newborn is alright as long as it isn't in a heavy traffic area. In a park with shade is the best. As for running while pregnant, the best thing to do is ask your obstetrician. They will know your particular limitations.

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    Generally, Yes. Check with your doctor.

    Exercise while pregnant supposedly helps most women have an easier pregnancy.

    Jogging strollers are designed just for that! Just make sure your baby is protected (ie shielded from elements etc) and your doctor has given you clearance to do so.

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    I would confirm this with your Ob/Gyn as they will know if it is safe for you or not based on your medical condition relating to your pregnancy.

    But I was told by my Ob/Gyn it was okay as long as I kept my heart rate below 140 beats a minute and not get overheated or exhausted.

    I used a baby jogger to jog with my kids, but when they were slightly older. I'd check with the pediatrician, but it probably would matter whether the baby would end up with shaken baby syndrome or not.

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