"Beware" in pirate lingo?

Is there an alternate pirate word or phrase that should be used in place of the word "beware"? Also, do you know of a reverse pirate dictionary where you can begin with a modern word or phrase and find its pirate counterpart? Thanks.

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    Pirate greeting.


    Meaning, "Stop" or "Who goes there?"


    Meaning, to stop or be quiet.

    Black Spot

    Placing a black spot on another pirate means sentencing him to death. It can also be used to accuse him of a serious crime before other pirates.


    Goods stolen on a pirate raid.


    Reward or payment, usually from a government, for the capture of a criminal.


    Pirate, originally based in the Carribean


    Meaning, "friend".

    Code Of Conduct

    An official set of rules that governed pirate behaviour.


    A chest to keep treasure in.


    Mediterranean privateers. Muslim cosairs sailed the Barbary coast and attacked Christian ships.

    Crow's Nest

    A small platform, sometimes enclosed, near the top of a mast, where a lookout has a better view of watching for sails or land.


    Short sword, often with a curved blade.


    Another name for Spanish gold dollars.


    A large ship of the type used by the Spanish in the sixteenth century.


    Wooden frame for hanging a pirate's corpse.


    A ship's store-room

    Jolly Roger

    Pirate flag, usually red or black and decorated with skulls, crossbones, and swords. Each pirate had his own design.


    A non-sailor.

    Letter of Marque

    An official, written permit allowing pirates to plunder enemy ships.


    To be left alone on an isolated island or place.


    A piratical way to address someone.


    A piratical way to say, "my".

    Me Hearties

    Typical way for a pirate leader to address his crew.


    To rise against authority, particularly a naval or military power.

    New World

    Name given to the Americans after colonization by Europeans in the 1500's.

    Pieces of Eight

    Spanish gold dollars worth eight Spanish escudos each.


    Robber or other criminal of the seas.


    To steal goods.


    Legalizes pirates. There were issued with documents allowing them to attack enemy ships.

    Sail Ho!

    A pirates way of letting other know that another ship is in view. The first part of a ship visible over the horizon is the sail.


    (1) A deficiency disease which often afflicted sailors; it was caused by lack of vitamin C. (2) A derogatory adjective used to describe someone.

    Spanish Main

    Spanish colonies in the Americas, stretching from Panama to the Orinoco River and including the Carribean sea.


    A telescope.


    A narrow stretch of water between areas of land.

    Weigh Anchor

    To haul the anchor up. Or, to leave port.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would've said ' avast ' but that's a general term taking in the scope of the horizon while under full sale. Methinks.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There is "avast", but that seems to mean "stop" or "hold fast" instead of beware.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Arrrr.... Surrender ye booty....

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