my daughter is 2 1/2 and still doesn't want to talk. she says a few ther something wrong with her spe

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    Hopefully, you have a pediatrician that cares for your daughter. I'd schedule a well baby visit and discuss these concerns with the doctor. Your doctor knows your baby and can offer suggestions. Plus, depending on your child, your doctor can let you know just how worried you should be. I bet that in a few years, you'll be thinking, "Won't she just shut up....why does she talk all the time....!" I can tell that you are a good mom..your daughter is lucky that you care about her development.

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    Her speech is delayed, but this may or may not be significant.

    If your daughter used to talk more, and is talking less now, then that is a definite sign of trouble, and you must take that very seriously and get help immediately.

    However, even if she has never talked much, then you should still get her evaluated by a professional who is objective. Don't just get an opinion from a knowledgeable friend or family member.

    I think it is important for you to take her to a pediatrician or a speech therapist for an evaluation, because if there is a problem, then you can remedy it better while she is younger. Also, there are often free services for children under 3, but not over age 3.

    So please do ask a professional to evaluate her speech.

    But let me reassure you that the fact that she's 2 1/2 and doesn't want to talk, only says a few words, may not mean anything. My oldest daughter was exactly the same, and she is now 19 years old and a National Merit Scholar. And she talks constantly, and has had two short stories published!

    Source(s): Mother of five.
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    I have personal experience with this. At 3 my daughter was still not putting 2 words together. In the state I live(I think most states are the same) public schools will start servicing special needs at 3 years of age. Before 3 my state has other services, call the health department, I don't think it has anything to do with your financial standing. I did not use state services... I had a friend that did and had wonderful results with her daughter and then used the school services when she turned 3.

    When we started we immediately saw results. My daughter began to have the confidence to try and talk. It's not all about what the speech therapist can do for her... the whole family has to be involved. The worst thing as a parent you can do is deny her problem... asking for advice is the best start.

    My daughter will turn 5 next month and we can't get her to be quite. She still has some struggles with her blends but will correct herself when she makes a mistake.

    Since your daughter is 2 1/2 it may be too late for state services. Call your public schools administration office today! If you hit a dead end there check with the elementary school she will attend and talk to the counselor.

    I wish your family the best of luck!

    Source(s): I am a public school teacher and mother of two! I know all the people that say don't worry she'll start talking mean well, but... this is not something you need to keep putting off. If it's something that needs attention and it's not taken care of this could delay her in school. If you go to your public school they will have an educated speech therapist test her. Let the therapist let you know... this is even an area that a pediatrican sometimes doesn't know best!
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    Is it that she doesn't WANT to talk, or that she CAN'T talk? There is a HUGE difference between the two. I work at a preschool for children with disabilities, and by two and a half, she should be saying at least two-to-three word sentences. There is also a difference between a speech disorder and a language disorder. If she seems to understand what you are saying to her (say, you ask her to put something in the trash and she complies) then there probably is not a problem with her receptive language (understanding spoken language). If she doesn't say anything yet, or people can't understand 50% of what she is saying to them, you need to have her expressive speech evaluated. My recommendation is to call your local school district. They should be able to locate the nearest Regional Center to you to have her speech evaluated. If not, talk to your child's pediatrician... they should have some phone#'s of contacts that you can get ahold of. The earlier you start speech interventions, the better off for your child! Now, during the "language explosion" age is the best time to take advantage of all the brain connections that are being made between language and speech. Don't wait. This is something that needs to be evaluated by a speech and language pathologist. Hope all works out well!

    Source(s): special education teacher
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    There might be something wrong and maybe not. Whatever the case I would have her checked out or you can wait until she starts pre-school and they probably will do some testing on her if she has not started by that time. My son had the same problem and it turned out that he had a learning disability. He's not slow or anything but he just learns at a different pace than every one else but he is doing fine now. He is an A/B Honor Roll student. And also it can be something related to her hearing in any case to ease your mind talk to your pediatrician and try to get her tested.

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    My son (at 2 1/2) said a few words here and there, and I was getting a little concerned. He talked, but not as much as my niece did at his age. Anyway, give it a few months, my son began talking it seemed overnight, and by the time he turned 3, he was talking in complete sentences. He's almost 3 1/2 now, and he can pretty much carry on a complete conversation. What worked for me is singing songs/reading a book over and over to him and have him fill in the blanks for me, until he eventually just wanted to sing/ tell the story all on his own. Every child develops at a different rate. Only you know your child, if it continues to concern you, perhaps ask your pediatrician. But, I urge you to find more little tricks to encourage her. I used to ask my son to say please for things if he wanted them. I even incorporated sign language, so he would know both. If he at least answered in sign, I knew that he knew what I was saying. Not sure if this helps or not, but good luck, be patient and don't get discouraged, it will happen.

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    I seriously doubt there is anything wrong with your daughter. Is she in a daycare or does she have older siblings? Being around other kids really does wonders for toddlers. My daughter didn't really start talking that well till she was like 3 or so and now at age 4 she talks very well. I use to worry also because other kids at her age seemed to talk more and better than she did and you know how we parents are always comparing our children to other kids so it bothered me for quite some time. She was never around other kids, in daycare or anything like that she was just use to being with Mom and Dad. Try setting up play dated if you don't already just to have her interact with other kids and you will notice a difference right away. Good Luck and also don't forget that all children develop at their out pace so unless the doctor says something might be wrong don't let it bother you. ♥ ♥ ♥

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    My nephew was the same way. He barely spoke anything other than Dad, Mom, juice, and dog until he was about 3 1/2. My sister put him in early preschool (the 3-4 year olds), and he began to speak at the appropriate level for his age. He has an older brother, and apparently he just couldn't get a word in edgewise at home! Best of luck!

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    I totally know where you are coming from. My daughter just grunted and made sounds until she was 3. She just turned 4 and I can't get her to shut up! You should ask your pediatrician about any services for your child. The program that worked with my child was called Early Childhood Intervention. They came to our home twice a month to do speech therapy. If your pediatrician doesn't know call your local health dept. or public elementary school because once my daughter turned 3 she went to therapy with the school district therapist. Hope this helps!! I know your pain.

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    Like the others said, it may be a development delay or something, but- my nephew was over 3 before he said more than 5 words. He was perfectly healthy and in every other aspect he was developmentally on track- he just wouldn't talk. But we were at a family gathering one day and he just started carrying on a conversation like he was 20 years old! It wasn't that he couldn't, just that he didn't. So yes, of course, work with her. Get her to repeat words and try reading a book and have her point out things in the book and call them by name. But unless your dr says there may be something going on- remember all kids develop at the their own pace. Dont stress :)

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