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Questions for Passions fans about Eve & Ivy...?

When Ivy got that guy David Hastings to break up Sam & Grace, Eve knew about it and helped her because Ivy was blackmailing her about something. What was it? Haven't all of Eve'e secrets come out now? Why hasn't she told Sam what Ivy did?

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    Because Eve did alot of things to help Ivy that could jeopardize her medical license. Like forging the DNA results to say that David Hastings son was Grace's son as well. Though all of her secrets about Julian have come out, she still stands to lose a lot if she confesses now, but I'm sure they'll bring it up soon - once Kay gets her memory back and Ethan and Gwen take lil' Ethan away from Teresa. Then they'll have to look for other plot lines to focus on, you know how the soaps are! lol

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    Ivy was threatening to tell about Eve's past with Julian, but I don't know she still hasn't said anything. Especially since Grace was supposedly her best friend; some best friend.

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    I work during the day full time, and got to stay home yesterday and flipped the t.v to Passions and let me just say that is not only the weirdest soap opera I have ever seen but the dumbest, what is with all the witch craft and that evil little girl, I thought it was a movie

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    Eve had an affair with Julian, and had a son by him. ANd she was a drug addict. TC uthought Eve was perfect. Also, Whitney was pregnant byu her half-brother, Julian's son, and she wanted that kept quiet by her mom. Plus,there wer switched test results for Sheridan's baby's DNA test. THATs the one Ivy held over Eve.

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    oh off da chain but it ain't no thang, gurl.....don't even be trippin like dat.

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