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wat movie should i watch in the theatres?


is the break up good

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    If you find an answer tell me, I've been trying to see a movie for weeks but can't commit. There are a few I found interesting, I've spent the last couple of days just running from cinema to cinema. I always arrive at the wrong time of course but I'm not sure if I really want to commit to sitting there for three hours anyway so I'm glad just of the purpose of getting there. I thought riding alone for thousands of miles sounded ok or hidden or maybe that dancing one with antonio banderas, but only if you feel like going depressingly mainstream with something that has been done over and over before. Maybe you should wait til there is a few better films coming out, Friends with money sounds ok. It is a long time and a lot of money to waste unless it is something you really want to see I reckon. So maybe I'll never commit. I thought the break up might be ok but I read a really bad review and wasn't sure then. Jennifer aniston could possibly get annoying or the other actor in it, I heard they had no chemistry. I liked the concept though and it is not always worth trusting reviews as the reviewers opinion isn't everyones.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Superman Returns and/or Pirates 2

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    I went to see the Omen & had a fantastic time!!! I realize it's been out for a bit now, but it truly was a good movie & really enjoyable. Pirates was only so-so. Cars was fun, but really more kiddy than I expected. Click is good, Nacho Libre is your typical Jack Black comedy. Get some popcorn, kick back & have fun!

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    Superman Returns.

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    Superman Returns was a good movie.

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    Pirates 2 Dead Man's Chest.

  • 3 years ago

    There r a range of of solid videos out in the present day. "I now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry" is amazingly humorous! I also loved "The Simpsons movie" which I surely have considered two times already because it got here out. "The Bourne Ultimatum" is okay notwithstanding the digicam strikes quite quickly so in case you don't like action i do not propose it. Transformers became meant 2 b solid i not in any respect surely observed it notwithstanding this is wat i heard. this is quite each and every of the films i will imagine of in the present day. desire it facilitates!

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    all the action, adventure movies like

    gladiator, armageddon, Indiana jones series, harry potter series, Batman begins, Spiderman 1 and 2, Saving private ryan, i-robot,

    MI-2 and 3,independence day, face-off, broken arrow,etc

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    If you love comic characters, then go for X-men3 or Superman Returns.

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