Is there an Alaskan independence movement?

Is there an Alaskan independence movement? is it a strong movement? is it possible?

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    They're about the only state that could actually pull it off (oil revenue). The decleration of Independence says govt exists on those powers granted by the people & with their removable consent. It specifically says that consent should be excercised in votes or by force if that is not good enough. The civil war was about many things, but one of the greatly bad results was that federalism was imposed on unsubmitting people by force. Only southern states (minus Tennessee) were required to rewrite their state constitutions to preculde future secession, all other states are free to do so, and southern states can change their consititutions now if they wish. The US constitution doesn't comment on the legality of leaving the union, and the decleration seems to indicate it must be a central check/balance against oppressive central govt. SO, yes I think Alaska should be able to leave if the voters see fit, but NO I don't think any such thing will happen, and NO it is not a significant movement, just a few whackos just like we have in Texas & a few other states.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There is a sizable movement in Alaska for independence, they actually have a website. They claim to be the largest third party in the US, although I find that hard to believe as they are only comprised of people in a state with a low population.

    They claim between 3 an 10 percent of the population in Alaska, so it doesn't appear as if they will reach their goal anytime soon.

    Source(s): Website of the Alaskan Independence Party
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  • 1 decade ago

    maybe. No, and NO! The south couldn't do it. Alaska a country, NEVER.

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