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? asked in News & EventsMedia & Journalism · 1 decade ago

Is FOX news journalism or propaganda?

I hear people quote O'Reilly and Hannity as if they have any credibility. They seem to me as simply shills for the Bush administration. I know FOX watchers and Limbaugh listeners will want to take this opportunity to rant about evil liberals, so go for it!

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    1 decade ago
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    FOX news leans so far to the right I am surprised the commentators don't fall out of their chairs. FOX news is so right wing conservative I can't believe anyone actually believes it's journalism. When a network has nothing but right wing zealots such as Bill O'Reilly, Hannity and Colmes, and Cal Thomas how can you call it anything else but propaganda? One thing so vary noticeable when they do happen to have a liberal on any of these programs and the liberal starts to make a good point then the conservatives will either shout him down or they will cut him short and let a conservative have the last word. FOX news has it's nose so far up Bush's a** it's not funny. FOX news sucks!

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    It will only become propaganda if they hire Dan Rather.Are you sure you want to talk about credibility?I wonder why people call CNN the Clinton News Network?You want to talk about credibility?I will bet you also think the new york times,Washington post to name a couple are honest newspapers and not propaganda tools for the left.C.B.S. has been caught lying before,back in the 80's they rigged vehicles to explode saying that if these vehicles were rear ended an explosion could occur,and you can look it up if you do not believe me.It takes courage to believe the truth.Oh,and by the way,FOX news is the most watched news Chanel on cable.Stop being blinded by your ideology,and maybe then you will find some of that credibility you talk about.

  • 1 decade ago

    If you're a Republican you believe they have credibility.

    I mean someone who got into what O'Reilly has gotten into with that sex scandal a few years ago. And Hannity? A big mouth who basically bows to the Bush altar.

    Fox News is totally Republican-based.

    And evil "liberals"? I'll say this again: GOD is NOT a Republican only and yes, the bad news is that there really are some religious and conservative Demos out there.

  • vim
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    1 decade ago

    Shawn, Unfortunately, I have to travel a lot, and have witnessed many events and must say that FOX is far closer to the truth than CNN. I go on ´fear status´when all that is available is CNN - hopefully there's the BBC or some other channel. CNN has a narrow view of reality, and great disrespect for professional journalism.

    FOX may be tilted to the right, but I´ll select them any time.

    So, FOX is more journalism than propaganda.

    So it is.

    Be well

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    Fox news should lose it's license to broadcast. The show is so right wing and biased to conservatives that it's sickening. And you never see any persons of color, or few women, unless they are young blonds like shrew ann coultier. The way they mock and make fun of anyone who has a different opinion. It's disgusting. A propaganda tool for bushco.

  • olli
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    5 years ago

    Curious what number answerers sense the want to attack unions, MSNBC, the valid media, and different "straw adult men" of their choosing without responding to the question. with slightly of success, i'm no longer considered a spread of. that's referred to as "Fox information" because Murdoch bought twentieth Century Fox, and it became the in ordinary words considered one of his many titles which had any credibility. after all, "New of the international" and a number of his different sensationalist tabloids are substantially recognized as a procedures worse and extra phantasmagorical than the nationwide ENQUIRER, and far extra specious. Why did they upload "information" to their identify, even as they're already no longer a actual part of the authentic Fox custom? because the corrupt, unprincipled despot who runs NEWSCORP dictated they would not call it "Your Brainwashing Channel", it extremely is what that is. Their actual blunders, by employing the way, are legion, massively documented, and unimpeachable. those who do not carry close that are curiously incapable of information truth.

  • all news is journalism, it's just the biases that make it seem like it's propaganda. fox news just has a conservative bias, like other networks have a liberal bias.

  • 1 decade ago

    Journalism with a center-right tilt,just as CNN is center-left.

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