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i am pitching a real estate opportunity to investors. what is the packet called that i present to them.?

Where can I go to get a template for presentation material?

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    You will need to have two packets. One, for marketing purposes only, will include the draft Offering Memorandum (some people like to call it a Discussion Memorandum to emphasize that it does not constitute an offering). The second one, to be given to investors that agree to invest, will include a final Offering Memorandum and the legal documents, usually Articles of Association and Operating Agreement for the newly formed LP or LLC.

    Templates... Well, every firm has its own; usually, with language that limits the use of the document. Those a pretty hard to come by unless you are in the business and have received a few as a potential investor.

    The legal stuff (Articles of Association and Operating Agreement) will have to be prepared by an attorney specializing in this kind of work.

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    If you plan to use your laptop or an overhead projector to do the pitching presentation, you can get a premade design template for your powerpoint presentation and customize it with your copy and images to create a professional looking presentation. There are many places in the internet that offer professionally designed templates, check or go to the microsoft site, they also offer some free templates.

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    Everyone these days is trying to build a PORTOFOLIO. So why not present it like that, where you can intrigue them in building on their investment and capital growth. As for templats you can find readily available ones on Power Point slides or you can either modify existing ones or even build on new ones yourself.

    Need any help doing so? let me know.

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    i just finished a tech writing class and we had to prepare this we called it an external proposal you should do spiral bound books with a clear cover and the cover page (under the clear) should have an exiting picture that represents the investment. next page you give an executive summery also known as an abstract( tell the whole proposal in short) Then you should start your pitch. under a heading WHY SHOULD YOU INVEST give hard number like statistics of your Pryor projects. make it simple and clear. tell them exactly what they get for their money(stock options, dividends,lump sum payment) If you have a good idea and show them why its good you will not have a problem with funding.

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    It could be called different things. The two I would suggest are Offering Memorandum or a Prospectus.

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