Are there schools that take the learning styles of students to place the students with teachers?

I was wondering if there are any schools that figure out a child's learning style, and then place the student with a teacher that teaches to the childs learning style.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    When placing kids in classes, it really depends on the size of the school as to how students are placed. At the secondary level, it is usually done randomly and so all the class placements can be met and a child's individual needs are not taken into consideration unless there is a very specific need of a particular student. At the elementary level, there are usually only a few teachers and many students, so praticality makes it impossible to match each student with a teacher of the same style. That being said, often when placements are made, there is SOME consideration for the best needs of the child and where they would be most successful. In schools where there are several classes per grade level, it may be more random because of the number of students.

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