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Who will win the NFC South?

3rd division's up now! Who do you think will win the NFC South and possibly 2 wild cards?

I'm running my own broke crappy version of Sports Center. Group consensus team will move on and eventually we'll do playoffs and superbowl. Ten points gets awarded to the person who best makes their case for the team they picked.


nope! did 6 divisions already, not stopping now!


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    I think Carolina will win it, and I say this because they had a good enough defense last year to go all the way, their main problem was offense, and they addressed all their needs via draft or free agency. Keyshawn Johnson is a great receiver, and he will give Jake Delhomme the second option he never really had. This in turn will free up Steve Smith to make some great plays. Running back was a big problem last year with injuries, and I think drafting Deangelo Williams helped them out greatly. Not only do they have greater depth, but they also have an awesome runner with Williams. As far as wild card goes, that's totally up in the air. I see at least one-ten win team not making the playoffs this year. NFC East is a very tough division, with every team being a quality team.

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    This division will be nasty again this year. Any of the four teams can make the playoffs and at least two will.

    My prediction is that Carolina wins the division. They have a great defense and a solid offence. They have plenty of depth at almost every position and can play through injuries. Fox will have them ready to go at week 1 as they should have won it all last year but stumbled in the playoffs.

    Tampa Bay will finish second and earn a wild card spot. Their defence remains one of the best and they have the nucleus on offence to win many games. They will struggle a bit early in the season, but once Sims finds his groove they will be a very difficult team to beat.

    Atlanta will finish third but until Vick can learn how to pass the ball consistently, they will continue to struggle. The defence has some holes as well and the team should finish up around .500.

    New Orleans is a wild card. If Brees and McAllister are healthy, then this offence could be a nightmare with Horn, Stallworth and ROY Bush. The defence is actually decent, but spent so much time on the field last year that the continually wore down in the second half. I think that they will spend most of the season learning how to maximize their RBs and develop the relationship between Brees and the WRs. Next year, this team could go to the Bowl...

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    NFC South will finish with the Carolina panthers taking that division. With a solid offensive unit with upgrades at WR (Keyshawn Johnson) & RB (DeAngelo Williams) and a defense that reamins one of the top units in the NFL (even with the loss of Ricky Manning Jr.), Carolina is poised to take the NFC South once again.

    New Orleans is a year or two away from becoming a true powerhouse threat in that division. Tampa Bay may still have signs of life with Carnell Williams and a solid defense, but they are more likely to lock up a wildcard spot. Atlanta may show flashes of brilliance, but with Vick at the helm, they will not be able to take the next step (unless Schaub ousts Vick at QB, then the offense will have more dimensions).

    Carolina will win the NFC South, Tampa Bay will vie for a wild card spot.

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    It has to be the Carolina Panthers. The Saints are still recovering from last years strategies and didnt do anything to improve their defense. Brees is a step up from Brooks but that wont be enough in this division. Atlanta made some good moves but I dont think Vick has a chance of leading the team to a division title this year. Also, I dont think Warrick Dunn can match last years productivity. The Bucs are still a question mark at QB. Also, they are gonna be pounding Cadillac and he is bound to get injured. Their defense also got a year older. The Panthers added depth at running back via the draft and added a number two receiver to play accross from Steve Smith. Julious Peppers leads a great defense able to score points.

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    I think Carolina would have to be the favorite going in, but for some reason, I think they are going to struggle this year. I look for Tampa Bay to win this division. I think they are finally settled at qb. I'm not saying Simms is great, but he will be able to get the job done the way Gruden wants him to. Cadilac Williams will have a superb year, and Clayton will bounce back.

    Atlanta is a mystery. New Orleans just plain sucks. That's why I like Tampa Bay.

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    Carolina Panthers

    Source(s): They have two talented Wide Receiver Keyshawn Johnson and Steve Smith also the top 10 defense in the league.
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    The Carolina Panthers are loaded with a strong defense, a good running game, strong offensive line and 2 big time receivers. Their quarterback is a fiery leader on the field and good in the clutch. I believe they may even go all the way to the Super Bowl this year!

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    ....Well...The Falcos have A LOT to prove if anyone is going to pick them....The Saints may have Reggie Bush...but can he give them that many more wins? Weren't they 3-13 last season? ....sad.... Tampa didn't really change that much...I expect them to still be a big defensive team, but with a stable QB now who is getting better every season...they'll have a decent offense too...Carolina....Carolina showed what they can do last year...but lacked a run game until the last few weeks because they were using the battered Stephen Davis rather than Foster...and this year they've got two tallented and young running backs and two fantastic expect them to be better on offense this year..and as for their defense...losing WIll Witherspoon hurt them....but they picked up a bunch of other line backers, surly one of them will be able to fill in enough to make the D just as good as it was last year...I expcet great things out of my cats....GO PANTHERS!!!

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    colts again just because of their firepower but maybe tennesse will be better with vince young as qb its gonna be a good division since colts loss james and the other teams picked up a few young stars

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    The season didn't even start. Wait till the season starts then ask this question.

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