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kansas city corruption city hall?

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    there has always been corruption in the courts so why not city hall.....remember a few years ago when a couple of the city judges were brought up on charges....i personally know that judge h***es is corrupt from a personal experience in d.v. court...........have you ever noticed that people that are not from KANSAS or MISSOURI never get it right? they think KANSAS CITY is the same thing as KANSAS? like the first person who answered your question....get it right folks there's KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI and there's KANSAS CITY, KANSAS... just like there's ST. LOUIS,MISSOURI and there's EAST ST. LOUIS(but it's ILLINOIS)....but anyway can you e-mail me and let me know about the corruption you're speaking of?....RIGHT ON HUMAN!!!!....

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    Get your facts straight, Oskar. Abortion is still legal in Kansas and the Kansas State School Board hasn't come out on top in the Creationism/Evolution battle yet. Instead of glib, mindless answers full of narrow stereotypes please try to do some research first.

    I'd suggest contacting the Kansas State Library. The library maintains a newspaper clippings file with information on local and state politics. I'd suggest being more detailed with what you're asking about though.... People, events, dates, etc... anything you can supply to let the staff know exactly what you're looking for:

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    come on who really cares anyways its kansas ok. come on Kansas where religion rules and women can't have abortions.

    Worry abt something important like global warming and the monke that we have as a prez.

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    Hey oscar (moron) Religion doesnt rule and what makes you think your so great? GO CHIEFS!!

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