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Does anyone remember the show "Swan's Crossing"?

It was a teen soap opera that was on t.v. around 1992. It had some now famous actors on it. The most famous is probably Sarah Michelle Gellar. There is a bet on this, so if anyone knows any web site to prove this shows existance, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!!

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    Swans Crossing was a syndicated TV show from 1992 that featured a group of wealthy teenagers living in the seaside town of Swans Crossing.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar's character, Sydney Rutledge, was the daughter of the mayor, Margaret Rutledge. They lived right next door to the mayor's political rival, Grant Booth, and his family. Sydney had a close but secret relationship with Garrett Booth (played by Shane McDermott), Grant Booth's son; but the parents found out and built a literal wall between them and their houses. The couple broke up but still stayed in the same social groups, generating a bitter struggle between them as the season progressed.

    Other major characters in Swans Crossing were J.T. Adams (played by Tom Carroll) and Neil Atwater (played by Eddie Robinson), best friends and scientific geniuses; Bobby "Saja" De Castro (played by Alex Tanaka); Sandy Swan (played by Kristen Mahon) and Owen Fowler (played by Evan Ferrante), the talented musicians; Jimmy Clayton (played by Devin Doherty) and Callie Walker (played by Stacey Moseley), the auto mechanics; Glory Booth (played by Carisa Dahlbo), Garrett's younger sister and J.T.'s love interest; Nancy Robbins (played by Kristy Barbera), Sydney's best friend; and Mila Rosnovsky (played by Brittany Daniel), Garrett's new girlfriend and the daughter of a countess.

    Various incredible intrigues, involving spies, first loves, phony birth certificates, and the preservation of endangered species, fueled the plots which were hilariously funny at times and powerfully dramatic at others.

    Swans Crossing was a soap opera targeted at young teenagers, but stations airing the show at different times throughout the day -- even during overnight hours -- led to its demise after 13 weeks. The program was taped at Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens, home of Sesame Street and The Cosby Show.

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