Clearing Startup Programs?

I'm trying to make my pc faster by clearing my startup programs, I found that "ravmon.exe" and "daemon.exe" are running at startup. Are this programs useful or are they malicious softwares/spywares/adwares? What about "9xadiras.exe" and "2kadiras.exe". Can I safely stop these programs from running at startup?

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    1.Startup Programs – are programs that load automatically when you start Windows. The more startup programs you have the longer it takes Windows to load up. Where did all these startup programs come from anyway? Unfortunately, almost without fail, every new program you install on to your computer decides to add itself on to the startup program list. Overtime the startup program list is as long as your arm. Remember, all programs on the list must load up before you can do anything. In addition, there is another problem, all these programs use up memory (RAM). So now you have a long wait and less RAM available. The solution is fairly straight forward…remove the programs that you don’t immediately need to use off the startup list. There are several ways to remove them. Method 1 – start the program (eg. Microsoft Word) and go to Options Menu – it can also appears Tool menu or Configuration menu or Settings – and uncheck the option that reads, “load program at startup.” Then press [Apply]. Method 2 – Start Menu > Run > type “msconfig” and [Enter] > click on the Startup Tab > uncheck any program you don’t want to load at startup > press [Apply] > [O.K.] > you will be prompted to press [Yes] to restart Windows. Method 3 – download the startup manager, Autoruns, from Sysinternal. After unzipping the Autoruns file, double click on autoruns.exe (or autoruns if you selected “hide extension” in Windows Explorer) and click on the Logon tab. Uncheck any program you don’t want to load at startup.

    Concerning your question about daemon.exe file, daemon.exe is used to map CD-ROMs to virtual drives via the program Daemon tools. Daemon tool is a virtual drive eumulator. There is a great site, exe Library, where you look a description of almost all .exe files. In fact, i looked up daemon.exe at exe Library. The link is:

    If you are suspicious about a exe file and think it might be spyware then I recommend you use Castlecops' Startup List. The link is

    Concerning your question about 2kadiras.exe, 2kadiras.exe is a system file for Allied Telesyn AT series router/modem related - apparently required. I found the informaton using Castlecops startup website. Using both exe Library and Castlecops startup list, you should be able to identify any and all exe files.

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    You can download adaware SE personal and check if they are any mailicious spyware....Once you are sure and you have removed them download the application "WinPatrol". It is very useful and every time an application startsup automatically, WinPatrol takes your permission to start the application and if you know it is not something you are asking the computer to startup, you may stop it right away... This helps in making sure your comp doesn't get hijacked....

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    I did a yahoo search on each file and here is what i found:

    2kadiras.exe : Allied Telesyn AT series router/modem related - apparently required (1)

    9xadiras.exe : Allied Telesyn AT series router/modem related - apparently required (2)

    ravmon.exe : This is a file that belongs to the Reliable AntiVirus program; however this file can be attacked by a trojan and used maliciously. (3)

    daemon.exe : Belongs to a program called Daemon Tools.

    Keep in mind that these files could be valid names to other programs... This is just what I saw from a yahoo search.

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    you can run msconfig.exe and uncheck them and restart your program. You will know if the are useful. You can however check for spyware first from antispyware program. If they are not, they could be useful!

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    Download EASYCLEANER and go to "Startup" section and check them off.

    Another way is download WINDOWS BETA DEFENDER. Not too bad either.

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