e-commerce swot?

Just list of swot not full details

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    You sort out from the advantages and disadvantages below to form your specific SWOT okay?

    Advantages for end-users:

    1. Many choice and alternatives

    2. Reduce search cost

    3. Convenience

    4. More complete information of the material facts about the product beforehand

    5. Low switching costs between different sellers

    6. Anonimity

    Disadvantages for end-users:

    1. Need to be computer tech/ Internet savvy

    2. Security problems: Privacy, Authorisation, Authentication, Integrity, Non-repudiation (PA2IN)

    3. Bandwidth problem

    4. Information overload

    5. Web pages compatability and file format support

    6. Interoperability of e-commerce systems/ payment transfers

    7. High shipping costs

    8. Fraud and cybercrimes, e.g. identity thief

    9. Currency exchange issue

    10. Poor consumer protection - consumer must consent to use of electronic records of confidential information

    11. Misleading factual compilations

    Advantages for organisations:

    1. Availability of business - 24x7x365

    2. Cost reduction in operation

    3. Reduce transaction costs

    4. Improve customer service and communication

    5. Competitive advantage

    6. Increased sales from new online sales leads giving rise to increase revenue

    7. Able to identify potential new partners easier

    8. A faster opportunity for products/ service branding

    9. Disintermediation - cutting out the middlemen

    10. Faster possibility of stock output

    Disadvantages for organisations:

    1.Losing the bargaining power of products and/or services to buyers

    2. Legal and Intellectual Property Rights issues

    3. Webpages translation - 43% of Internet users are non-English speakers

    4. Low barriers of entry for new competitors

    5. Greater need for technical employees in organisation

    6. Greater reliance on ASPs (Application Service Providers) and outsourcing

    7. Theft of proprietary information by insiders and outsiders

    8. Denial of service

    9. Fast "Burn Rate" - the speed at which dot-coms spend investors' money.

    10. High "Churn Rate" - The proportion of customers (typically subscribers) that no longer purchase a company's products in a time period.

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