What KNOWLEDGE was give to Adam and Eve by the fruit in the garden of eden?

What knowledge was given to Adam and Eve by the fruit. And yes although it brought many punishments to humankind. If history could be done over again. Would you not want them to do it? If so how knowledgable will we be without eating the fruit?


EarthAngel....how does a name Earth Angel respond to a question like that. Are you saying that man was never tempted and that they were created with sin by God.

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Cindy.....what do you do, cause you answered that question beautifully and on the money.

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Love of Truth.... i like your response too, its gonna be hard when i select best answer, cause the answers keep gettin better an better.

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  • cindy
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    Actually, we would be quite knowledgable.

    Adam was not stupid, he named the animals, he understood exactly how and why Eve was created, and named her appropriately.

    He understood and stated the first law of married life was for the man to leave his family and cleave unto his wife. And Adam did not even have inlaws!

    So dumb, he was not.

    What Adam and Eve received from the tree is the very thing that we struggle with right up to today, the knowledge of good and eveil. Prior to this, they had no idea that evil existed, only good and GOD.

    Once armed with the knowledge of what evil is, and what it makes your mind think, he understood that his nakedness and eves could create lust and jealously and many other things that he did not know existed.

    I for one do wish that I had never known evil in action and in thought., but alas, GOD has said that we will come full circle and life in tune with GOD will happen again. We just do not know when, but it will happen.

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    I don't believe the story of Adam and Eve to be literally but there are metaphorical and spiritual points to be discovered. Adam and Eve eating the apple was suppose to give them knowledge of Good and Evil. Before they new neither. They were innocent and pure. By eating this fruit they became aware of their nakedness which is when the first death was mentioned, the killing of animals, which gave them clothing. In reality what they had been exposed to was power, a power to create or destroy. How they would use either would be for them to decide from then on. A modern day context of this is the example of nuclear technology. We can use this technology to power cities, or annihilate them. This is a heavy duty power which calls for the greatest of spiritual wisdom and control. Maybe in part the story of Adam and Eve was a warning for mankind to wisely use the power they had discovered. I'm sure there are other nuances within this story but I'll leave it up to the next post to express.

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    There is really only one thing that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil could give. They already knew about the good. I mean, they walked and talked in the garden with God. There was no hard work. Things were easier. Nothing died until that one fateful event.

    With the eating of the fruit, they could only get one thing. That is the knowledge of evil. By disobedience they knew evil. There was nothing else the tree could have given them.

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    Some people interpret the "knowledge" in this story as the information that is believed by the ego mind. The information being concepts/beliefs/opinions on what's right/wrong, bad/good, good/evil, etc.This information is "fed" to the mind from others (the snake/serpent in this story) and the STRUCTURE within the mind that believes this information (ego) "eats it up" (believes in the truth of the information). If you believe in all this information then you judge things in your life as good/bad, right/wrong, etc based on the beliefs you have "ate", or agree with. When you make these judgments in life it often causes suffering because things don't happen the way they "should" or the way you would like them to. All of this suffering could also be called "hell".

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think it is the knowledge to know the difference between right and wrong. Adam and Eve were pure and knew all good. After they ate the fruit they could distinguish between right and wrong. If history were to ever repeat itself, I would definitely not want for someone to eat the forbidden fruit. That way, humanity would be united as one and not suffer....ever!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sin was introduced into the world, that is the knowledge they gained.

    I would not change a thing.

    Before they ate the fruit, they new all things good. We today would have the same knowledge, every good thing would be known by us.

  • Kitten
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    1 decade ago

    The Knowledge of Good and Evil. Before that, there was no Good and Evil because everything was perfect! So basically it opened a can of worms. Do you see what I am saying. You can't see evil without knowing good and vice versa.They had no need of that knowledge cause everything was perfect, then they screwed it up for the rest of us.

  • =_=
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    1 decade ago

    The knowledge of what an apple tastes like. It's the ultimate secret.

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    They received the knowledge of good and evil...

    Ever since then we have needed raving maniacs to tell us the difference.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The devil becomes a snake and tell them that it is good to eat the fruit and so they do my friend is an christan so he knows all about it i will ask him.

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