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Is she pregant?

We've been doing things for a while and I've used a condom everytime, and she was on birthcontrol. Since she was on birth control I decieded I didn't need a condom and found out today, a month later that she hasn't been taking birth control at all! And is it even possible to get pregnant from anal? Cause if it isn't then we're good.

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    No! By the way you should not be having sex if you do not know that!

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    a woman cannot get pregnant with anal sex, unless she had an uterus in the rectum. And yes, she could be pregnant if she didnt used any birth control, and u didnt use a condom as a backup method. Good Luck

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    Well you can't get pregnant from having anal sex, but if some of the semen runs into her vagina then she might become pregnant...sperm can i don't know....have she saw her period...and if she isn't my advice to you is next time ya'll do it and if you don't want any kids then use a condom

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    Actually it is possible. She could even get pregnant with you just jacking off on her in that area. Sperm are powerful little devils. When you *** near the vagina some can get in.

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    No you can not get preg. from anal sex, it has to be in the vagina, but hopefully you did not get seamon around her vagina. Yal are probably alright. Hope you will be more careful, and maybe wait till you are married. With sex comes responsiblility.

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    Of course it's possible. A woman's a$$ is very fertile ground don't you know?

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    maybe u need to see a doctor or take a home pregnant test.

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    well i hope this wont be the first case of a person having a baby out of their BUTT

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    No. it isn't possible.

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