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France & Italy's History Unveil?

I got them, however France is leading.

France and Italy played 7 times

France won 3 times, Italy won 2 times, and they draw 2 times.

In total, france scored 9 goals, and Italy scored 8 goals.

So, there you have it. By looking at history, my predictions for tomorow's game would be: France 1 Italy 0.

So what are your toughts?

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    I would like to see Italy win, mind you I do not care much for soccer however if Italy does win , at least here in Australia we can say that we were beaten by the best in the world.

    I am proud of the Aussie boys they did us proud and so did the supporters.

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    i think that you have an obsession with do realise this may be their last glory day for a while right? i mean they have an OLD team and experience isn't always everything....but whatever more power to you even though i think it should be germany and france in the finals and germany holding the cup in the end, but it didn't turn out that way did it? i hope you enjoy yourself tomorrow :) it wil be a great match.

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    sorry boy

    italy wins!

    we had party all night long

    the players were in rome yesterday with over 2.000.000 people around and they look like gladiators now.

    your statistic is good anyway, but the ball is round!

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